Saturday, April 13, 2013

New Friend, Ravenpaw

A week ago Friday, Mom came home smelling like a new kitty. We made sure to inspect her bag and her clothing thoroughly! Then, we made her tell us about our new kitty friend, Ravenpaw.

Do you remember Spaz? Well, Spaz's family decided it was time for them to adopt a new kitty. The oldest daughter, Miss A, worked very hard so that she could earn this privilege. Miss A was determined to adopt a kitten, not buy one. And she was determined to adopt a black kitten because she knew how hard it is for black kitties to get adopted. After months of searching, she finally found Ravenpaw at the local Humane Society.

"Sergeant", as Ravenpaw was known, was adopted by a family with his sister named, "Semper". However, something must have happened and their family had to surrender the two kittens to the Humane Society. Miss A had fallen in love with Semper, but by the time they got to the Humane Society, Semper had been adopted.

But, Sergeant was available and so, they adopted him and renamed him, "Ravenpaw".

Mom got to meet Ravenpaw, who is now about 8 months old,  and she says he was soft and sweet and quite the climber. He would leap up and climb across the window shades. And since there are 4 children in the house, 2 who are under 7 years of age, it's a good thing Ravenpaw can climb out of their reaches!

Now, it is Miss A's duty to clean his litter box and make sure to feed and water him. So far, she is doing very well.

And so, now we know Mom has another kitty friend to take photos of. And since he is all black, it will be quite the challenge to make sure you can see all his handsome features!