Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Sunday

Mom finished the Cheshire Cat. She's pretty happy with it, but decided not to make cards of it. She much prefers to use paint. In fact, now that her sale is over, she's planning on just finishing up some of her drawings and then concentrate on painting again. She likes the finished look of acrylic paint.

Here is her display. As you can see, she didn't have much to sell. She didn't make much money at all (less than $100), but she sold a lot of cards. We think Mom needs to somehow spread the word about her artwork. Maybe that way, she can make more money for our treats and such. At any rate, Mom won't sell at this venue again, but she will look for some weekend markets where she can sell her art. She's also working on making some cute acrylic charms of the Yin Yang Kitties.

Even though Mom isn't all that depressed about how little she made, we made sure she was feeling OK by cuddling with her. Since her feet were hurting from standing all day, Chani and I made sure she  put her feet up and stayed there for a whole evening.

I believe she was quite comforted by us. Who wouldn't be?

We hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love your Cheshire kitty! My human has tried to sell at shows and it is grueling and she hates it. She has not found the happy place that will make them work for her.

  2. It is so good of you two to help mom keep her sore feet up and rest!