Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mr. Handsome

Oh those eyes so blue. So dreamy. Yes, you are my Handsome boy, 9!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Princess Pretty Pants

Say what??? That's my nickname?

but but but, aren't I pretty all over?

Yes, yes, you are Chani-chan. I just like the alliteration.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Of Pink Toes and Chani being adorable

Chani decided to claim the bed... or rather, the side of the bed that I was occupying up until I decided to get up and use the ahem facilities.

At first, I was a bit 'annoyed', but then Chani did this adorable pose including a bendy ear and well, who could stay annoyed with that cuteness in front of them?

9 has been his usual adorably naughty self. He climbed up on my desk and knocked over a bunch of papers. So, I moved everything off of the desk and put the knitted kitty bed that Siena and Chilli's mom sent them as a cushion for him to rest upon.

And late last night, 9 was sitting above me on the headboard. His adorable pink toe was far too enticing not to take a photo of. Love his laser eyes too.

This being Thursday, we have to say that we are thankful for the beautiful weather (despite the heat!) and are happy to be together.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Time Machine

I decided to revisit some old photos (while hunting for other photos) and came across some photos of Q. Above you can see what a big boy he was. So squishy cute!

And how he liked to sleep on pillows all curled up.

And of course, when it got hot or when he felt like it, he flattened himself on his back. Of course, this helped with getting belly rubs and snorgles.

Happy Summer Solstice!

Friday, June 17, 2011


Chani meditates on how nice it is to snuggle with Mom on her own terms and not during squish or 'huggles' time as Mom calls it.

She also is meditating on how nice it is that Mom is not going to LA this weekend(much to Mom's semi-disappointment... she hates LA, but would have loved to have stayed at the W Westwood).

Happy Friday, everyone!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More foster kittens

Mom's friend is fostering again! This time, she has a pair of adorable orangey kits... a boy and a girl. The girl is the one who is looking directly at the camera.

The orange twins have a black sibling too. There is a tortie sister too, but she wasn't doing to well, so she went to another foster family who had a mama cat. So far, she's doing much better and gaining some pounds there.
They sure are adorable.

This orange girl is quite spunky!

Now, prepare yourself for some utter cuteness. Mom was so enchanted by this Siamese looking girl. This one is from a different litter and is a bit older, but she was sooooo sweet and her floofy belly tempted Mom a lot!

And the fact she fell asleep in Mom's hand, on her back with crossed back paws just made Mom squee inside.

Now, Mom thought really hard about adopting this little girl, but really she can't afford to have another kitty. And there is no place for yet another litter box in our condo. We're sorry sweet little girl! But, we know that with your looks and personality, you will get adopted very quickly!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

All is well

Purrr... Mom is back and we have been making good use of her lap.

Chani loves to roll on her side so she can get some good chest scratches.

We both love to sleep on Mom too. Now, maybe some of you might notice, Chani and I seem to have grown since we had our tapeworm medication. Our fur is softer (Chani's is silkier), but do we seem bigger to you now? Mom sure thinks so. Silly tapeworm impeding our growth!

I made sure to show off my belly to Mom to 'punish' her for leaving us! How dare she leave such cuteness behind while she goes off to Los Angeles??? And what is this, she is going down south again in 2 weeks??? NO!!! Well, at least we will get to go to Grandma and Grandpa's this time.

Silly Mom, leaving us again!