Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More "Look How They've Grown!"

Yes, it is time to revisit the old sweaters. Chani's is a very snug fit these days. It's a tight squeeze to get her front paws into the arm holes. However, once it's on, she's somewhat ok with wearing her fuzzy pink sweater.

She does like to chew on it though...

Apparently, I made 9's sweater very very big. It's still a loose fit on him, but he's filling it out pretty nicely. Unlike Chani who will actually run around a bit in her sweater before flopping over, 9 definitely does not want to wear his sweater.

This does not bode well for Halloween... 

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Looking back on a Thursday

I thought it would be kind of fun to show some "old" pics of 9 and Chani from when I first brought them home. It's pretty amazing how tiny they were and how big they've become.

Sigh.. so cute. Although they're not full grown yet, it sometimes feels like they are.  Especially after I've let them out of my room for breakfast (yes, they wait patiently for me to open up the door) and they decide to have their post-breakfast crazies. They run all over the place, in which I am definitely part of the race track, a "speed bump" that does nothing to slow them down.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tired on a Tuesday

It's a beautiful day in the Bay Area today.  Not too hot, not too cold, bright and sunny.  A gentle breeze is rustling through the leaves.  Today is the type of day that one would dearly love to just lie in the sun and take a nap.  Things would be even more blissful if there were two kitties curled up next to you.

Unfortunately, there's this little thing called work that prevents me from doing the above.  That and the fact that 9 and Chani are completely indoor kitties.

Well, one day, we shall have this nap.  Even if it is just on the couch...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Tidings

Technically, I should post these on Snuggle Saturday or Sunday. However, in keeping with my inability to keep track of days, I shall post these pictures today.

Late last night, 9 and Chani provided me a photo opportunity that I could not resist. First, I took pictures with my camera phone and sent it to friends. They accused me of photoshopping the pair. Honestly, no Photoshop was used in the pictures below.

Can I just say that my brain exploded with the cute presented here? 9 and Chani do get along very well, but last night was the first night where they snuggled like this AND I had the camera ready.  My heart also burst with sheer love last night.

Sigh... I love these two.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

9 and Chani lounging

When Chani first came to live with me, she would go to the bottom shelf of the TV stand and just lay there.  So, Chris put the black blanket there for her to rest on.  She still does this now. You can kind of get a sense of her size.  Sigh... she's getting so big! And yet, she is still a delicate little Miss.

Now, keeping in with the idea:  Want to know the best seat in the house?  Look where the cat is sitting.  Somehow, both 9 and Q decided that the best place to lounge was my computer chair. I've accidentally sat on 9 because he's hopped up on my computer chair as I was sitting down.I can't tell you the dirty look he gave me when he got out of my way. Sigh again...

Oh, and you can see how big 9 is getting too. Chani has kind of caught up to 9 in terms of length, but not body weight... as far as I can tell.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quick note or Pictureless Tuesday

I'm sorry! I did not post anything today. Work has gotten a bit busier, so I wasn't able to post any new pictures much less take any. I have one story to share about Evil Feather Toys. Siena and Chilli were right, they only last about 3 weeks before they are utterly destroyed.  And so, I bought Evil Feather Toy III which has a little chain at the end so you can replace the feathers. Let's hope this helps in the cutting down of costs on Evil Feather Toys! Honestly, I saw a future where I had boxes and boxes of plastic wands with bells at the end.

I promise to try to take some pictures of EVT III and post them.

I did want to share this with you. Late last night, I was sitting on the couch, surfing the net on my laptop. 9 was sitting in my lap and Chani was on the Flaming Blanket within petting/skritching distance. Can I just say that this is my idea of heaven? It was perfectly blissful.

I look forward to many more nights of this bliss.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Los Angeles Fur Friends

This is Lucky. He's the old man about the house. 11 years old or so. He's the sweetest dog and will often 'bathe' Fluffy. If I am ever to get a dog, I would be blessed to have a dog like Lucky. He was named "Lucky" because Uncle, Aunty and my cousins felt lucky to have him.

This is Scruffy. Scruffy was found around my cousin's school many years ago. No one claimed him. My Aunty just couldn't resist him. He had some behavioral issues when he first came to their family, and many times my Uncle would want to take him to a shelter. However, Aunty and my cousins were already attached and my Uncle, who will not admit how big a softy he is, was attached too.  Scruffy has calmed down a lot since I first met him. He's a bit rambunctious still, but who can resist a dog who will come and sleep between your legs like a cat.  Yes, I'm attached to him too. They're not quite sure how old Scruffy is. He's younger than Lucky, but not by much.

This is Fluffy. (Please don't ask me about the names ending in 'y'). She was the neighbors' cat at my relatives' previous house. Fluffy kept coming over to Aunty and Uncle's, so the neighbors finally decided to give her to Aunty and Uncle. Since moving in with Nana (Aunty's mom), Fluffy has become Nana's cat. Fluffy rules the house and the dogs (Nana too). She will wait by the door to come in. Nana will open the door and Fluffy will walk away. Nana is convinced that Fluffy is afraid of Lucky and Scruffy and the male voices in the household. Uncle is convinced that Fluffy is just displaying her power. She's 11 years old too. Fluffy let me pick her up this past time. Well, I always have to pick up kitties! So, I was happy that although she kind of ran away from me in the beginning, she did let me pick her up when she wanted to go outside in the morning.

Finally, this is a photo of a gravestone in Inglewood cemetery. Part of my reason to go to LA was to look for 'creepy' gravestones like this that I'll be able to use for my work. Yes, I'm already working on Halloween content. Sigh... This was a beautiful cemetery with a lot of history(for Los Angeles that is. One gravestone had a birth date in the 1800s, but no death date. Not sure why that is...Vampires?). Some of the statuary was simply beautiful and so moving. 

Sorry to end on such a somber note, but I had to post that picture. Tomorrow, we'll return to our usual reporting on 9 and Chani's antics.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chani belly part two

I know I promised pics of my Uncle and Aunty's fur friends, but well, I haven't downloaded the photos yet. I think it might have to wait until tomorrow or Tuesday.

Besides, this is 9 and Chani's blog and I'm pretty sure Chani would not forgive me if I posted Lucky's, Scruffy's or Fluffy's photos when I still have more adorable belleh photos of her taken by my camera phone.  So, here goes:

I don't have a picture of Fluffy yet, but I'll be sure to try tomorrow morning before I make the trek back up to the Bay Area.

Ooh, and I just noticed that 9's face is there in this shot too!  Hooray!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cute Chani

Ok, so last night, I had already packed up my camera and loaded up my car. (Yes, I drove down to LA). So, I didn't have my D300 to take photos of Chani sleeping on her back!  GAH! Talk about bad timing.

Well, I simply had to record the moment, so it was time for the less than ideal camera phone photo. Here you go, presented for your approval...

Chani's belleh!  Well, more like her chest, but there's some belleh there!

Yes, I snorgled that belly.  Oh, her fur looks 'wet' because 9 had to give her a cleaning once over before he started cleaning himself before he went to sleep.

And yes, it seems I'll be able to post some more to the blog. There are two dogs and a cat at my Uncle and Aunt's, so I'll try to post some photos of them. However, I will be a tad busy tomorrow. Maybe Saturday ;)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday Words

I'm heading out of town again.  This time, I'm visiting LA to see the April Bride, one of her bridesmaids and my Uncle and his family.  Good times shall be had, no doubt.

In the mean time, Chris will be taking care 9 and Chani.  From their looks in the above picture, I think 9 is ignoring me and Chani... well, she'll forgive me eventually.

See you in a couple of days!

*post publishing edits... I couldn't handle the bad English there, so I had to go back in and fix it up.  Sorry about that!  I blame it on trying to blog really late at night :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

9 and Chani and their new friend, Mak

As I stated in the last post, Chris' brother, Mak, Chris' sister in law, Pam, and MikeyAwesome came for a visit. Chani decided that Mak was a good Chris-stand-in and sat on/next to him while we watched a movie.
Those are Pam's feet. Later in the evening, Chani switched positions and her whiskers ended up tickling Pam's feet.  I think Chani enjoyed being the center of attention here.
Mak was kind enough to give 9 attention too, which I don't think 9 minded at all.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday with MikeyAwesome

So, some friends came to visit on Saturday. One was MikeyAwesome who doesn't quite approve of me dressing up any of my cats. At any rate, 9 made a new friend... or was it Mikey who made a new friend.

This is Evil Feather Toy I... Evil Feather Toy II has gone missing, I'm not quite sure where.

Surprise, Mikey!  9 will jump in your lap.

Being Japanese, I insist that people take their shoes off when they come into the apartment. Mikey complied and this was 9's inspection before Mikey left. Let's just say that 9 really, really looooooooved Mikey's shoes.

9:  sniff sniff, what is that divine scent?

9:  Oh so nice!

9:  hmmmm maybe the source is deeper in the shoe!

9:  This is almost better than catnip... if I ever have catnip, I'm sure it could not be as good as this!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Trash Basket Fun

9 and Chani decided to explore the trash basket behind my computer desk. This area is also my pottery decoration supply storage area, so it's not exactly and exposed easy to enter trash basket...
9 is usually the one who hops into the basket.  So, I was surprised when Chani hopped in and I was able to take her photo here.

Hoowoo! I have pictures of both of them in the basket!

Hope you all had a great Sunday and Saturday or weekend in general!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Frootbat Saturday

Darn it!  Missed Frootbat Friday by a few minutes. Ah well. Here's Chani's entry into frootbattage. She still has ginormous ears compared to the rest of her body.

Happy weekend all!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cleaning Chani

9 still takes his duty of cleaning Chani very seriously. And he tends to get a little jealous when she is getting attention, so he must dive into the center of things and grab the spotlight so to speak.

I just had to post this picture because you can see his tongue!  So cute. And you can see the Chani still tolerates these 'forcible cleanings' from 9

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Toesies Tuesday and General Cuteness

Chani was being all cute in Chris' lap the other day.  Rolling on her back, interacting with him and just being plain adorable.  

9 likes the Priority mail box.  He dives in while the box is lying on its side (I have a lot of butt shots of him doing this...).  Chris decided to put the box upright while 9 was in it and the resulting cute shot just proved to be irresistable.

Happy Tuesday everyone!