Monday, November 28, 2011

The Debut of Sheamus Popoki Aloysius Mango

Greetings and salutations everyone! I'm Sheamus Popoki or SPAM as my new grandpa calls me.
I'm arrived in my new home last week and am settling in pretty well. I was a bit of a scaredy cat when I first arrived, hiding in the closet in a corner where Mom couldn't see me but 9 and Chani could. They stared at my location and Mom was able to get me out of my hiding spot. But now, I'm out and about and enjoying the front room. I've even begun to greet Mom in the morning when she wakes up, though, I'm not sleeping with her and my siblings yet...

After some initial hissing from my new brofur and sisfur, things have settled down. Oh, I made sure to growl and hiss at 9 to show that I'm not afraid, but so far, we're getting along well. Though, 9 tends to swat at my tail. I think he thinks my tail is a giant feather. Chani didn't like sharing the area under the kotatsu in the beginning, but last night we were just fine. Oh, and Mom managed to cuddle with me and Chani and then with me and 9 without any growling or hissing for any of us! To tell the truth, I think 9 and Chani were more annoyed with Mom than they were about being next to me.

Now, I do hide behind the futon couch a lot and Mom has to drag me out. But, when I do come out on my own, I make sure to purr and rub against her. She says I have the softest fur and paws ever.

In case you've forgotten, this is what I looked like back when Mom first met me. I know I tried to tempt her, but she resisted. So I had to be patient.

I made sure to use the big eyes on her. I'm not sure how she withstood my charm back then. I mean, look at me! And my cute little paws!

And I tried to use my belly, but I didn't have any discernible belly spots back then, so Mom resisted.

Now that my glorious coat has grown in fully, I have some belly spots. In some pictures, it looks like my spots are just shadows, but when my fur is all nicely arranged, I gots belly spots. Mom cannot resist me anymore!

I'm very happy to be here and in my new furever home. Mom will have to update the banner, though she won't change the name of the blog.

Oh! I'm supposed to say something like:

Douzo Yoroushiku Onegaishimasu!

Glad to meet everyone here on the internet!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

Sheamus Popoki Aloysius Mango is now in our guest room. The kitties are dealing with it pretty well. A few hisses, a few nose touches. Chani only had an issue when Sheamus went under the kotatsu. She is not very good at sharing teehee. Other than that, he is not eating much and he is hiding under the stands in the closet. The guest room door is open though. Hopefully, he will come out soon. 9 and Chani are doing well with the new addition. Fingers crossed that grooming and snuggling will eventually follow. Well, hopefully, Sheamus Popoki will venture out of the guest room on his own. Oh! 9 and Chani did get tuna last night. So did Sheamus. And I finally found Chani's Halloween dress. It was in the crawlspace between my headboard and my bed. I have no idea how it got there!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Foster Kitten update

9:  Oh dear. Oh dear. We have some good news and some distressing news to relate here... Well, not really distressing, but...

Chani: 9! Just tell them!

9: Sigh... ok. Well, the good news is that Inky was adopted. Hooray!!!

Chani: Yes, that is good news... purr purr

9:Now, Mom is sad that Mango did not get adopted, but she is in love with him and has been unsuccessful in convincing Grandpa to adopt him! Grandma seems keen on the idea, but not Grandpa.

Chani: Oh, that is distressing.

9: No! That is not the distressing part! Mom wants to adopt Mango! She's thinking of bringing him here and and fostering him with us for a while to see if we will all get along!

Chani: What??? Inconceivable!

9: Will Mom still love us the same? Will I still be her favorite son?

Chani: Will I still be her Precious Princess Pretty Pants? Wait... why am I concerned? Mom loves me, I get the kotatsu to sleep under, and I'm ok with how you totally hog her attention.

9: That's not the point! I'm... I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Chani: There, there. It's ok! We're going to be fine.

9: AND she forgot to give us TUNA for our birthdays yesterday! We are 3 years old and she didn't even celebrate it with us! I mean, I had my birthday in October and she didn't say anything. She missed Tock-tober! Waaaaaaaaah!

Chani: Oh my goodness, you are right! Mooooom! How could you??? Waaah!


Yes, dear friends, I am on the road to true Crazy Cat Lady status. I am going to test out Mango and see how 9 and Chani react to him. I'm sure that they will be just fine. Mango is really laid back and accepts whatever attention is given to him. I'm sure he'll be a bit freaked out being in a new place with 2 new kitties to deal with, but keep your fingers crossed.

And, well, I'm still working on my dad to make him see how wonderful it would be for Mango to live with them. At any rate, if that doesn't work, we shall soon be having a new kitty joining us :D

And I will probably rename him Sheamus... yes, after the Irish WWE wrestler... I can't help myself.

And I promise to give 9 and Chani some tuna for their birthdays before Mango/Sheamus comes over.

Don't think I can start another sentence with 'and'... my poor high school English teacher would be appalled :D

Wish us luck!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Foster kitties

On Sunday, Mom visited her other friend who fosters kittens. She has two formerly feral Siamese looking kitten siblings. Above is the boy. He's kind of shy and would often hide under the bed. Mom had a hard time taking photos of him.

His sister is a bit less shy and totally loves ear and neck skritches. If you do that, she flops on your lap and just enjoys the attention.

 Still, she's a bit shy. Such big ears though!

 And she also likes the kitty bed.

Remember Mango? Well, he wasn't called that when mom first saw him. But that's his name now. The rest of his siblings all found furever homes, but he hasn't. And for once, when Mom visited, she was not all about the kittens. She was all about Mango. Hmm... we don't think there's enough room for another kitty in our condo... He's still a sweet boy. Independent. It's hard to tell what he's thinking, but he did flop on his side for some belly rubs and he let Mom pick him up a few times. Yes, Mom is in love with him... not as much as she loves us, but you know how it is...

Finally, there is Inky. He's an older foster who needs a home too. Oh, and there is this tortie girl too, but Mom didn't get any good photos of her because she was mooning over Mango so much...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

More new friends - Gazoo, PITA, Suki and Snowy

Mom went to visit a friend this past weekend and met 3 kitties and woofie. Above is Gazoo. Yes, he always looks paranoid apparently... Well, wouldn't you if you had to share your home with a big woofie like, Snowy (seen below)?
Still, Snowy is quite beautiful, don't you think? We're not sure we could handle living with a woofie, but Mom would love to have one heheh... pity she isn't home enough for a dog. Seriously, she's not home enough for us!

This is PITA (we'll let you guess what those letters stand for...) He was a feral rescue. Mom decided not to show off his whole body because, well... he's kind of big. Mom said something about a basketball on legs... He does have beautiful blue eyes though. Wow, just realized all of these new friends have beautiful blue eyes!

And finally, here is Suki. He's the sweetest of the bunch and feels very soft and clean. Pita and Suki stay upstairs away from Snowy. Only Gazoo is brave enough to be downstairs.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's 9's turn

It's about time I get some attention around here!

Thank you. Now I can sleep better

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The kotatsu

For those who don't know, a kotatsu is a Japanese table with a heating element under it. You can remove the table top and put a blanket over it. That way, your legs are all nice and warm and you can work on the table top. Yes, you do sit on the floor, but it's worthwhile.

Needless to say, Chani rather enjoyed being under the table, soaking up the heat. 9 was just happy sitting on my lap and letting me drape the blanket around him.

And yes, the kitties will have their Tocktober photos, one day. Hopefully, this month!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Mom missed Tocktober!!! We shall be sure to fur up her freshly laundered clothing and all sorts of other disciplines to make sure she never forgets again!

And even worse, she has no pictures to post today. Bad Mom!