Saturday, July 27, 2013

Marlene's Drawings

Hello everyone. Marlene here.

Last month The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee ran a FUNDraiser for the Seattle/Tacoma Humane Society's Dog-a-Thon. All together, the site raised over $117,000 for homeless kitties. The fundraiser itself raised $234,000.

I helped a bit by offering to draw little sketches of donors' kitties for a donation of $25. The limit was 20. Donations #20 and #21 came within seconds of each other so I said that I would be happy to do 21. Now, before the offer was published on the IBKC website, Fizzgig and Oberon's mom donated $25. So, I have 22 sketches to do. Haha... it's all good.

The first 3 sketches are done.


 India Rose and Zoubisou


India Rose and Zoubisou are drawn on cold press paper, so there is a lot more texture on it than I prefer, but their mommy likes it. So, that's all good.

The others are drawn on hot press paper. Much smoother results there.

And I needed a bit of a break from drawing kitties, so I drew a phoenix. Uploaded this to Zazzle as an iPhone 5 case.

9 spent time in my lap as I was working on Belle. Then, Chani. Sheamus Popoki headbutted my leg for attention.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A new camera

So, I bought a new camera. A Canon SX50. I bought it for the super zoom, 50x optical. I really wanted a camera that was lighter than my Nikon and could zoom better than the lenses I can afford for my Nikon.

Above are some shots of the moon.  I'm rather pleased with them. I am going to try using a tripod next, just to see if it helps with the stability and focus.

Reviews of this camera say that it's not good for low light and lots of action. The shutter is really slow, even with a flash. But, if your kitty poses well enough, you can get a good shot. Sheamus Popoki was a good boy for me.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Snoozing and posing

Mom gave us treats the other day. We lined up prettily and ate them. She was pleased to show off our colors here

9 snoozed on Mr. Crab a lot this weekend. Yes, he always looks like he is winking at people.

Chani reclaimed her spot in the closet from the Orange Interloper.

She was so happy that she reached out for a little mini high-four.

 Very happy girl here.

Sheamus snoozed under Mom's desk next to her feet in his typical belly up position. Mom found it very hard to work while he was being so adorable.

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend and will have a wonderful week!

Friday, July 5, 2013

We are happy!

Hello Furiends,

We're sorry, but no adorable pictures of us today. Mom promises to take some soon. However, we are being very forgiving of her since she's been working from home since Wednesday!

You see, Mom's office had a half day on Wednesday, so her art director thought it was silly for her to trek up to the office for only 4 hours of work. (Her commute takes about 2 hours one way on a good day). So, she worked from home and put in a full day's work. (The art team has way too much to do to take a half day off.) We cannot tell you how lovely it was to rub against her legs and get attention and pets and treats while she was working.

Yesterday was a holiday, but she did a little bit of work too. And then today, she got to work from home again! It was great! We really wish she could do that more often.

Oh, and she did apply to a new job but hasn't heard anything back. She's not discouraged. For her, the biggest challenge was applying in the first place. Mom hasn't had to look for a job in 6 years so it was  a bit nerve wracking to write up her resume and to get some of her work out there. If you're interested in seeing how Mom pays for all our treats and toys as well as our bed and the roof over our head, click on this link.

At any rate, we hope our American friends had a lovely 4th of July and that the weekend will prove to be just wonderful for everyone!