Monday, April 15, 2013

Marlene's ankle

Tonight, we thought we'd share a bit about what Mom is going through and has been going through the past few months.

Some of you may remember that Mom was being entirely humanly graceful (i.e. not graceful at all) and sprained her ankle. Now she's not completely healed as she cannot stand on that foot by itself for much longer than a few seconds. However, she has been stretching it on occasion (we try to remind her to do this by lying on top of her foot whenever she's lying in bed) and by going to hot yoga.

Now, on top of this, Mom had a bit of a health wake up call in the beginning of March. She was trying to lose weight and failing miserably. She went to her doctor who recommended that Mom give up dairy (no, not cheese! Not ice cream that she would share with 9!) and to try to do more of a plant based diet. She doesn't need to be vegan, but red meat is a no-no. Fish is still ok (yay for tuna!) and so are eggs (chicken and turkey too... no bacon! Darn! 9 loves bacon!) Mom also got her blood tested and her glucose came back a bit high. Not diabetic... yet. Diabetes runs in Mom's family (her mom, her grandfathers) and so with this wake up call, Mom is really motivated to change her diet. On occasion, she does give in to a bite of cheese or a bite of steak or a bite of cake, but for the most part, she's been good.

Tonight was a bit of a milestone in that Mom went to the gym and actually jogged on the treadmill. She didn't push herself too hard. And she made sure to do some stretching after her jog. Her ankle was a bit stiff in the beginning but loosened up just fine. Here's a photo of her workout summary:

That's 463 calories burned, 3.34 miles in 45:17 minutes.

As of today, Mom has lost about 10 lbs and is hoping to lose more. One thing that has been nice with her diet change is that she's never hungry and so is never cranky due to hunger. Not that she is ever cranky with us, even when we are naughty or attention seeking when she is trying to work.

And so, we thought we'd share that bit of personal info about our human.

And to remind Mom that this blog is supposed to be about us, here are some photos of we three kitties.


  1. My human thinks your human is doing a great job of getting her health together! Maybe when her ankle is done healing, she can enter a 5K! She already went farther than that on the treadmill!

  2. Those health wake up calls are great motivators! Mom knows how hard it is to operate with a bad foot. Mom was also a graceful human (not!) and stepped in a hole at Thanksgiving. She is forgiven because she was playing with the grand kids. However, her heel did not forgive her. She dislocated and jammed it. The doctor almost has it back to normal and it does not hurt as much!

    1. Ouch! We're glad your mom's heel is getting better. Ours was just walking from her car to the train and stepped in a hole. Silly humans!