Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sheamus on a Sunday

I was thinking about what to post and came across one of the first photos I took of dear Sheamus Popoki. So, there you go. One of the first photos I took of him while he was at his foster mom's place. He was such a little fluffy boy. Took me forever to realize how much he was needed in our little home.

And here he is not too long after he joined our family.

What a sweetie peety he has turned out to be. He's started to rub against me and actually asking for attention. He puts up with huggle time and allows me to love on him practically any time I want.

I love this little boy so much! So happy you joined us, dear SPAM-chan!


  1. Cute little boy - and handsome mancat!

  2. Those kitten pawpads!!! We agree that SPAM-chan was simply a perfect addition to your family!

    The Chans

  3. I love the shape of his little face; so cute. And his expression is always so sweet! You have a beautiful little family.