Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More condo

Yes, I know, too much about the condo, not enough about the kitties. However, one more update. Countertops and appliances are scheduled to go in on Monday. EEEEK! I'm going to be moving sooner than I thought. Hooray!

But, since this is 9 and Chani's blog, here's a couple of photos for you.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Condo update

Hooray! The lights are all installed. The carpets are new and all I have to wait for is the kitchen. The countertops need to be installed and the walls painted AND the lights installed there. Other than that, it's all good!

I can finally start moving stuff into my condo. Hooray!!!

I think that I'll take a few photos of the box jungle in Mom's living room and see if 9 and Chani notice how it's diminishing.

Finally, things are moving along!

Happy dance, happy dance, happy dance!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Brushing 9

This pile o' fur is what came off of 9 using the Brushinator. It's been a very long time since I brushed him (he's not a big fan of brushings).

What you don't see is how covered in fur I was after the brushing. It took about 3 sheets of that rolling masking tape de-furer thingimajig for me to get clear.

After this, I brushed Chani. Significantly less fur came off of her, but somehow about the same amount of fur ended up on me. Hmmm...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


My tower computer that died a few months back and was rehoused as an external drive... well, it died again. So, now I'm trying to get my laptop into working order as well as hopefully get my old tower guy up so I can get the files up and running.

Unfortunately or fortunately, it means I am finally going to upgrade certain Adobe products. Goodness, this is going to be an expensive year for me. Not only did I buy a condo with my parents' help, now I'm upgrading software too. Ah the things we do...

So, this means that it might be a bit before I get back to posting pics of my beloved pair (after all, that is why you visit this blog, right?). Please be patient with me.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Marlene's weekend

Mom has been away from us this weekend. She's been at the wood kiln again. Sigh... we miss her when she does this. Still, we know how much it makes her happy, so we don't complain when she leaves us. And Grandpa and Grandma take good care of us hehe

Oh, she would like us to say that this is the flame of the last stoke of the wood soda kiln for this latest firing. So pretty!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sleepy Time & Toesday

Last night, I went to bed to read a book instead of getting on my computer (hooray for me!) 9 and Chani joined me. At the foot of the bed, here lies 9... Looks comfortable, doesn't he?

Up by my side, was darling Chani doing her best pike/curly Q formation.

The weather is getting warmer so I don't think the Aqua Blankie of Doom will last much longer on the bed.

Oh dear, I hear 9 getting in trouble. I better go check on it... Oh, he jumped on Grandma's yarn bag and pulled everything out... sigh... poor guy just doesn't get it.

On the condo side of things, I have pictures but haven't uploaded them yet. The walls are painted, the upper cabinets are installed and now, my parents have decided I'd better get new carpets too. This is turning into the remodel that never ends... Not that I'm complaining though, it's just taking a looooong time :D

Friday, March 12, 2010

Yin and Yang sleeping

Nuff said ;)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Queen Chani

I am Chani! Queen of all I survey. Bow down before ME, peasants! Muwahahaha!

Just kidding. I just like hanging out up high. But, I wouldn't mind if you made an offering of tuna again.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oh my goodness!!!

Tonight, Mom gave us a special treat. Tuna! This was Q's favorite treat and Mom had never given us any before.

Chani who usually doesn't eat all her food just couldn't get enough tuna. (Ewww... don't look at our water dish, it's pretty disgusting. Mom changed it out right after taking the picture. And she wants to point out that we always have fresh water in the bathroom to drink... No wonder we always drink out of that bowl instead of this one. Mom's not sure how we get it so disgusting.)

I couldn't get enough tuna either. I even tried to get some of Chani's, but Grandpa chased me off. I can't help it if I eat faster than Chani does!

Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom. Please note our very happy tails.

Hmmmm... Chani sure cleaned her plate! And so did I!

Now, what was the special occasion? Well, today is our FIRST GOTCHA DAY! Yes, we have been with Mom for a whole year. Isn't it amazing how fast time flies? We have to say that we are pretty darn happy living with Mom (and Grandpa and Grandma). Life for Mom has been full of ups and downs in the past year or so, but she has to admit that we are definitely the best and highest part. She loves us so much! And we love her too.

We can't wait to see what happens in the next year and what changes are coming up. And of course, we are so happy to know all of you in blog land and can't wait to share our adventures with you.

purrs, headbutts and nose-kisses,
9 and Chani!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Today, Mom took Chani and me to nice Dr. Saito to get our vaccinations. Chani sang the whole way to the office while I was a good, quiet boy. At the office, Mom had to pull us out of the carriers. I explored, Chani tried to stay in the carrier.

Before Dr. Saito came in, Mom weighed us. I was 10.8 lbs! Yes, I'm a big boy, but not as big as Q who came before... He was 16 lbs at his heaviest according to Mom. Chani weighed in at 9.8 lbs.

Dr. Saito came in and knelt down to get one of us to come over to her. I won! I was a brave boy today. At any rate, I got examined and was given a clean bill of health and got two shots. I didn't complain once! Though, I was a bit wiggly when I got my temperature taken. Good thing Mom held me hehe... Dr. Saito admired my black paw pads.

Now, Chani was a good girl too. But something odd happened. When Dr. Saito weighed her, the scale said 10.2 lbs! How is it possible for my little sisfur to gain 4/10 of a pound in the course of a few minutes. Mom was very confused. I think Chani has magic powers.

Chani got examined and received her shots. However, one of her ears was very waxy. So, she had to go into the back. Mom and I waited a bit and then a vet tech came in carrying Chani. She put Chani into her carrier (I had already climbed back into mine. I was totally ready to go home!) Dr. Saito came in a few minutes later and said Chani was a good girl, but after she got her ear cleaned, she hid her head in the vet tech's jacket. This made Mom go all gooey at the thought of this cuteness and just how sad Chani was.

At any rate, we are both very healthy and doing very well. Mom says that tomorrow is a special occasion and we might get a special treat. She also promises to post pictures tomorrow as she didn't take any of us today... How wrong is that?

purrs to all!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Frolics

Chani is resting up for the weekend

While 9 is examining his options.

Hope everyone has a happy weekend!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

9 on the laundry

I love adding the requisite amount of fur to Mom's clean clothes. Purrrr... Now can you take the flashy box thing away so I can get my beauty rest? Kthxbai

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The NEW best seat in the house

Aaaaaah... this seat is sooo nice and warm! How nice of Grandma to warm it up for me. I just love lying in a nice warm seat... purrrrrrr.

What do you mean that Grandma didn't warm it up for me and that she wants to sit here again and knit? Nope! She did it for me!!! Grandma looooves me even though I always mew in complaint at her when she tries to tickle my toesies.