Sunday, June 24, 2012

Spaz, 1995-2012

Spaz was an adorable kitten who belonged to a good friend. After 17 years, Spaz left us to run free across the Rainbow Bridge.

She was part of a trio made up by Q who came before and his buddy, Sylvester. The poor girl really didn't get involved with the boys too much (being a girly girl didn't help), but she did put up with them both quite well. She wasn't the brightest of kittens, but she was pretty.

Run free, dear Spaz, our former 'shiro baka neko', who turned out to be a bit smarter than we all imagined.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Re-furring laundry

Mom went on a trip last week to Austin, TX. One of her cousins was getting married. So, of course, when she got back, she had to do laundry. I, of course, had to make sure the dark clothes were properly re-furred once they came out of the dryer. Teehee... I'm good, conscientious lady cat!

At work, Mom has been making 3d models of buildings. And so, her eye is really attracted to interesting buildings these days. The Frost Bank Building in Austin is the one that she has become obsessed with. She took a bunch of photos of this building and hopes to model it soon.

Austin is known for having a large population of bats. Unfortunately, there was no time for her to see them. She'll have to go back one day.

AND as for wild life that she did see. There was this awesome sign next door to the house where she was staying. Plus, she saw an opossum AND an armadillo late at night. Mom was thrilled!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chani and the unmade bed

 Puuurrrrrrr, how I love when Mom makes the bed

So much space to stretch out upon!