Friday, April 12, 2013


Well, I decided to go with a lighter touch. I heard something about attracting more flies with honey, but that kind of grossed me out. Sheamus Popoki is more of the bug chaser here. I like twisty ties.

At any rate, Mom was doing some work and I decided to crawl into her arms. After all, I'm much more important than some silly old number crunching. Mom gave me kisses. And so, I shall forgive her and just soak up the love.


  1. Honestly, Chani? I HATE it when my human kisses me. I don't know if I could sacrifice my comfort like that....

    1. Chani loooves my kisses. She's not fond of me picking her up and cuddling her, but if she comes over to me and settles in my arms, it's a kissing zone and she actually purrs :D

  2. Chani, you have figured out how to get Mom's attention!

  3. A cuddly kitty is always welcome!
    Hope you are having a wonderful April!
    xo Catherine