Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Boys in Boxes

I bought some boxes to hold my greeting cards at the next sale. Of course, Box Boy, 9, had to check them out. In fact, all 3 cats checked them out and sat in them.

9: I say, this is a lovely box. It fits me quite purrrfectly, if you'll pardon the pun.

Sheamus: I like the bigger box. It's much easier to contain my floof in this one.

Chani didn't stay in a box long enough for me to get a photo. She did sit in the same one that 9 did. But she's not as much of a box lover as he is.

And here are two pencil drawings of kitties.
I needed to do some quick drawings to fill up some frames for my sale this weekend. I already drew the Yin/Yang Kitties and then decided to do a feline face.These are not going to be reproduced as cards, so they're one offs. Now, I'm wondering how much to charge for them. The frame cost $15. So that plus whatever I want for the drawing. Oh these details are too boring for the kitties, but they try to help by inspiring me to draw more.

Oh, and I thought about drawing a Medusa for the last frame, but then decided a purple cat would be better. THEN, I thought: Cheshire cat! And there you go, the sketch. I will post the finished one when I'm done.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. All boxes need to be tested and checked out by the cats!

  2. I think the kitties should keep those boxes! You can always get some new ones, right?