Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shhh... Marlene's secret love

I simply loooooove Welsh Corgis, especially Pembroke Welsh corgis. They are sooooo cute!

The other day, a friend brought his date to the pottery studio and she brought her pet corgi. Now, I don't remember the corgi's name, but she was adorable and sweet. Very friendly little girl!

Just to show how animal centric I am, as I was leaving, I said goodbye to the corgi and absolutely forgot to say "goodbye" and "nice to meet you" to her owner. Oh dear, I think I'm losing my manners! At any rate, the girl did say "nice to meet you" to me and I did respond with an apology. My friend then told his date that he somehow has acquired many friends who prefer animals to people. I am definitely among that crowd!

Monday, May 30, 2011

So. Cal friends

Hello there. I'm Lucky. Marlene has taken photos of me before and posted them. Yes, she came to Southern California and visited us. However, I do not think that we were the main reason why she came to visit. My human boy graduated from high school, so that may have been the reason. At any rate, she took pictures of us. I believe her kitties, 9 and Chani, stayed at the Kitty Hotel.

Hi there! I'm Scruffy! My humans sometimes say that I should have been called Napoleon.

Sigh... I don't know why they think that. I just like to be the center of attention and will show Lucky that I am the dominant one in the household. I'm just trying to teach everyone the natural order of things here.

Still, I am very friendly and cute. I do like laps.

I even put up with Marlene's father playing with my ears. I'm really a good boy, don't you think?

Greetings and salutations. I'm Fluffy, the Queen of this household.

I do like this Uncle here. He gives me lots of attention when he visits me.

I am a pretty kitty. And pretty sweet when I want to be.

This is my "Why didn't you bring a proper camera instead of just your cell phone?" look. I mean honestly, how does Marlene expect to take decent photos of my glorious self with a cell phone???

Ah well.
It is Memorial Day today. I hope everyone had a good holiday (stateside, that is). The Kitty Hotel is not open today, and so, my parents will pick up 9 and Chani tomorrow and bring them home. I have to say, the condo is very quiet without them. I can't wait to see them again!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chan-chan girl

Chani love playing with her catnip eyeball... when she gets a chance to play with it. 9 tends to hog them all...

She does know how to pose for pictures.

She does quite well with the dramatic lighting too.

As for her tapeworm, after Chani had her medication, her fur is much softer and silkier. And, I think she is getting a bit chubbier. I dressed her up in her pink dress and it was getting tighter around her chest. Considering she just had the medication last week... oh boy. I think a little lady is going to have to get a bit more exercise. Just like her mommy.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I make sure to inspect the bed once Mom de-sheets it. I'm quite particular in this because we do sleep in this bed, after all.

Inspection complete. Now, Mom may add sheets and blankets. Purrrr...

Hi All,

Marlene here. Sigh... last month, I saw a little tapeworm poking its way out of 9's nether regions. Talk about being creeped out! So, I called Dr. S, spoke to the receptionist who ordered medication for 9. She wouldn't authorize meds for Chani. Now, I should have insisted, because... last night, I found evidence that Chani also has a tapeworm.

I'm pretty sure that both cats had tapeworms since the time I adopted them. Those little rice grain/sesame seed shaped debris should have been a dead give away! The adoption people did say that 9 and Chani were wormed, but well, there was no let up in sesame seed debris and they did have that horrible flea infestation back in the day which probably didn't help them. At any rate, both cats are still quite healthy. 9 even gained weight with his pet parasite! Still, it's kind of gross and well, makes me more aware of the inner working of my beloved pair.

Maybe this will help Chani get over her less than ladylike moments of passing gas... though, it is kind of cute albeit stinky.

I never had these issues with Q! So many things to worry about...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I really like it when Mom does laundry. Especially when she washes the sheets. I must make sure to inhale the clean scent and make sure that I re-fur the sheets before she folds them to put them away.

We had some sun this past week. I like it, but our condo's windows are not in the optimum place for the creation of sun puddles. I take what I can get.

Mom loves my profile. She says I have an exquisitely shaped face. What do you think?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

9 is a good brother... really!

I'm not sure how much Chani appreciates it though...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We are back!

Mom did not have a good sale and was in a very bad mood on Sunday. We helped her out by letting her squish us. After such 'stress' for us, we lay in the sun to recover.

Oh, we lead such a difficult life.

Chani meditates to keep her calm. The rays of the sun certainly help her maintain her Zen mindset.

Above is Shadow, the studio cat. She is definitely the Queen of Blossom Hill Crafts.

Doesn't she have the most adorable nose???

Mom is feeling much better now that the sale is done. She's got a few ideas about what to make next, but is not sure she'll take part in the next studio sale. She will have to see and will let you know!