Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Big Flashy Box Portraits

After many months of only using my cell phone to take photos, I finally took photos with my 'real' camera. I'm quite pleased with the results. 9 was peeking from the empty box that I have left in the hallway for him. He likes to sit in there and observe me, Chani or Sheamus Popoki. I think he knows how cute he is sitting in the box and does it to attract my attention. Not that he needs to do much to attract my attention.

My only problem with using my camera is that I often over expose my photos. Too many hot spots. Ah well, at least Chani's distinctive face markings and beautiful eyes provided some incredible detail and contrast. Her pink nose too.

And now, I present to you, Sheamus Popoki's official portrait. This photo really captures my sensitive boy's features and eyes. He looks a little sad, a little dreamy and just plain handsome. I'm always amazed at how much emotion a cat can show in his or her eyes.

Love these three very very much


  1. My human says she always exposes photos to bring down the hot spots, but then she shoots on the manual setting always, so it is easier - not sure what setting you use.

    1. I usually use manual settings too. My problem is that I am so eager to capture the shot, I don't always check my white balance or light exposure. Thank goodness for Photoshop and iPhoto tools for balancing!

  2. Beautiful photos! Sheamus has a very expressive face!