Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Friend, Buddy the Corgi!

Hi Everyone, Thank you for your kind words the other day. We were able to get Mom out of her funk and she is doing much better. So much so, that she went out and took photos of a DOG!

Shocking, we know. But, we let her do this on occasion because we know that one day Mom would like to be a pet photographer and she needs to practice a lot.

So, let us present to you, Buddy the Corgi. Now we may have mentioned or Mom has mentioned that she just loves Welsh Corgis. Especially Pembroke Welsh corgis. We have no idea why, but she just does. Fortunately, one of her pottery friends is owned by this cute guy.

 I guess he is cute for a dog.

He did pose rather well too.

Mom hopes to use these photos a reference for when she starts painting and drawing Corgis.

OH! And she started to do more work on 9's Om kitty painting. We think this one will be pretty darn cute. She just needs a few more hours a day so she can do more painting! Oh, and we heard her thinking aloud about taking a week off of work and just painting. Now, that would be fun for us and for her!

Friday, February 22, 2013

My beloved Q who came before

I have been a bit emotional and weepy this past week. Q who came before kept coming to mind, and I really missed him a lot. Took me until last night to figure out why.

I was lying in bed looking at my calendar and realized that 9 and Chani's Gotcha day was coming up which then reminded me about Q's crossing of the Rainbow Bridge. You see, Q crossed the Bridge two weeks before I adopted 9 and Chani. Yesterday was the fourth anniversary of the day I had to let go of my best friend.

As the realization was hitting me, 9 was busy crawling onto my chest, showing me his backside and curling up to sleep on me.

9 is definitely my sweet, sensitive boy who can read my feelings best.

I miss you, Q. Thank you for sending 9 (and Chani and Sheamus Popoki) to me.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

So, remember when Mom was plotting out Halloween costumes this year and sewed Chani's costume by hand?  I have to admit, Sheamus Popoki and I totally laughed when Chani had to wear hers. However, it took a lot of work to sew Chani's costume by hand and so, Sheamus and I thought we were safe when Mom did not get our costumes done in time...

 And then Christmas came... And Mom received a sewing machine. After a few tries, Mom got it working... Here is the result:

I know I look sad here, but Mom says it's the way my features just form. I'm soulful. But... well, I think the picture speaks for itself.

Sigh, there was just no stopping her... So, I posed nicely and let her take photos. Chani checked me out and you know she was snickering in the background.

Sigh... the indignity...

Hi everyone, Sheamus Popoki here. This is the first time Mom has dressed me up properly. She didn't quite get the tail part right. And part of me thinks she was punishing me. She says she wasn't, but she was also giggling while taking photos. Oh, and this was the day before the angry meow day. She thinks she might have stepped on part of me when that happened but couldn't tell because of her ankle being all messed up. And she really thinks it was only fur that she stepped on. Still, I did have to tell her what for that day! Oh, thank you to everyone who asked if I was hurt from wrestling or having a tummy ache. Mom has checked me out and I'm just fine. Tuesday night, I let Mom cuddle me and on Wednesday, I did roll over again and get tummy rubs. AND I greeted Mom when she came home.

Anyhow, I settled down wearing the costume and just waited for her to take it off.

As you can see, the tail isn't quite right. I think I heard her muttering something about designing patterns better for our next costumes and how much fun it will be to sew. Sigh...
On the plus side, we did get lots of treats for this. Including Chani who didn't have to wear hers. Seems kind of unfair to us boys.

Teehee...  I, Chani, am a very happy girl. The scales are certainly balanced now.

Happy Chinese New Year's Friends. Happy Year of the Snake!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

As promised, photos of us!

Last night, we were being particularly photogenic while Mom changed the sheets on our bed. Fortunately, her foot has healed enough that she could quickly hobble to get her phone to take these photos.

Don't I look particularly fetching and innocent here?

I, Sheamus Popoki, have no idea what the fuss is all about. Yes, I am looking good here, but... Ummm... no idea what is going on....

I'll just look cute and try to make up for my surprisingly angry meow I gave Mom the other morning. No idea why I did that. I was doing my usual thing of rolling on my back for belly rubs before she left. She gave me a belly rub and then I angrily meowed. First time I've ever done that to her. (To Grandpa on occasion, but never to Mom). At any rate, she said "Hey!", I ran off to Chani's tower. She pet me and consoled me and made sure I was ok, before she went to work.

AND then, when she came home, I didn't run out to greet her like I usually do. Honestly, I have no idea what was going on with me and neither does Mom.

Pretty purrs, everyone. I loooove it when Mom changes the sheets. I roll around and get all purry cuddly.

Here I am rolling about.  Oh... and Grandpa and Grandma gave Mom a sewing machine for Christmas, so guess who finally got their costumes sewn. Teehee. Just wait for their photos...

Friday, February 1, 2013

Marlene is recovering

And not taking photos of us!!! How wrong is that?

OH, and she is very stubborn. She has been going to work, walking from the train station to the office.  Last Thursday, she used her crutches and was mentally cursing with every step. Last Friday, she worked from home. The weekend, she gave up on crutches but kept her ace bandage on her foot.

This week, she bought a new ankle brace and has been wearing that. She is complaining that her foot is stiff (yes, our mom is very impatient) and she is getting tired of wearing her brace.

What are we three kitties supposed to do? In bed, 9 tries to get her to stop moving by lying on her injured foot or on her scraped up knee. Mom does NOT appreciate that. Chani tries to cuddle under her arms which Mom does appreciate, but then Mom can't move very well.

As for Sheamus Popoki, he just lies off to the side of her, on his back exposing his belly. This, of course, makes Mom get up, disturb Chani, move 9 and she pets the orange floofball's belly.

Seriously, if she didn't provide us with Salmon flavored kibble and other lovely treats, we would protest a great deal more.