Friday, October 28, 2011

Chani loves when the bed is made

Chani loves it when I change the sheets.

And she looks quite adorable when she's under the sheets too.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday tidings

 Mom is loving the camera phone still. 9 was polite enough and still enough for a lovely photo.

As for me, Mom loves how she captured my ear tips in this photo.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Resting and relaxing

Mom is so happy to have a phone that takes photos again. She has completely foregone using the big black camera and is just taking photos of us using her phone. (She bought an iPhone 4s, if anyone is interested... We think the phone is doing weird things to Mom, she gets all giggly when holding the phone... do you think that it's emitting some sort of weird energy aura to make our Mom silly?)

At any rate, we had a nice snuggle sleeping on her last night while she was relaxing on the couch. 9 decided to clean my ears. He can be nice to me, I suppose.

I think he wanted to get closer to Mom... he likes sleeping on her chest, but I was in the way tee hee...

I love sleeping on Mom. So comfy.

And, at the end, I got all adorable and covered my eyes from the overhead light. Do I know how to work the cute or what?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chani in a Kimono part 2

Greeting friends, Mom dressed me up in my second kimono. I was quite sad. But I did make it out of the bedroom and lay on the cool tile to console myself.

Then my dear brother, 9, decided to try and fight me. I think he got jealous because Mom was taking so many photos of me. Do you think I stood for that? No, I held my ground!

He eventually lost interest...

And I was left to sit pretty on the tile.

And to contemplate the unfairness of it all...

Note from Marlene: When Chani sits in her kimono with her paws in front of her, I keep thinking that she looks like one of those proper, noble Japanese ladies kneeling in their kimonos. She's so pretty! Also, since Chani's gained a bit of girth after losing her tapeworm, the kimono no longer closes like it used to hehehe... So, it's good that I take photos of her lying down. Teehee... Also, I think this kimono's colors look better on her. She really does do well with the Autumn color palette.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Chani in a kimono

Oh dear friends, woe is me. WOE is ME!!!

Since Mom can't find my Halloween dress, she bought me two new kimonos. Waaaah. She didn't get a good picture of me today. She was too busy playing with her new phone's camera that she didn't bother to get the big camera. BUT, this means, I'll have to wear the kimono again. Whimper whimper.

And she bought TWO because she couldn't decide which I'd look better in.

Since my brother is of no use, won't someone save me? Please!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Halloween

There was a time last year when Mom said she would not dress us up. What she failed to add to that statement was: She would not dress us up in Q who came before's costumes. Instead, she bought us some new costumes...

For me, she got a jester's collar because as she has stated before, I am a terrible model. I constantly try to get out of my clothes. After all, I have a beautiful white coat and lovely markings. Why would anyone want to hide that under silly costumes? Sigh...

Does this smell funny to you?

This is Mom's favorite picture of the series. Don't I look like I have vampire fangs??? heheh And she got a picture of my tongue.

As for Chani, who is so wonderful at modeling, she managed to hide her costume(I seriously doubt Chani hid her costume, I think Mom just forgot where she put it!), so Mom resorted to putting her in an old kerchief and this witch's hat.

Hi All, Chani here. I have to confess, I have no idea where my dress is. I was such a good girl wearing it too! Oh well. Silly Mom must have put it somewhere.

Don't I look dashing in this hat?

 Yes, indeed, I am adorable.

No, I am not to happy to wear the hat, but Mom is happy she got a few pictures.

Where are our treats???

As a side note, we got lots of treats. Twice after the photo session.

Happy October everyone!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chani on a Tuesday and toesies!

9 here. I'm getting a little put out. Mom is taking a ton of pictures of Chani but not of me!How wrong is that? She says it's because I refuse to sit still, but seriously. I'm so handsome. She should move faster.

This past weekend, Mom was selling her painted plates at a show in San Francisco. She made her table fee plus a little bit more. If anything it was a great marketing show.

AND, she came back inspired to draw more. Below you see a blurry Chani (hehehe...) And the drawing she worked on last night. Mom was too tired to paint, but she just had to draw. And she said that it was quite the reminder to work in pencil without an option to CTRL-Z something... no undo button??? hehehe

Then Chani started with the beauty poses...

And finally, her toesies.