Sunday, January 31, 2010

Condo update

Hello All,

I am hijacking 9 and Chani's blog for the express purpose to say thank you all for the congratulations and good tidings on my condo. It's been a long road to get here and I can almost see the end!

That being said, there's a bit of remodeling to do and a lot of wall paper stripping and painting. So much work! Plus, my mom really disliked my kitchen appliances and joined me in my dislike of the kitchen cabinets, so it's going to get remodeled. Sigh... This means about one or two more months before I can completely move in. And, I definitely don't want to take 9 and Chani there while construction and painting and remodeling go on.

Thankfully, I have my dear parents who are spending some of their well-deserved retirement in helping their only daughter get the place of her dreams. While I am at work, they shall be wallpaper stripping and calling in people to help me get my place into top shape before I move in. And my mom will put up with my stuff in her living room for just a bit longer.

On the plus side for my parents, they get about one to two more months with their grandcats.

I will post pictures of the condo in its current condition on through the remodeling and finishing. I promise not to hijack 9 and Chani's blog for this all week. It is after all a kitty blog and not a condo remodeling blog.

So, I apologize for the long pictureless post and for going on about my life instead of my kitties. But, they understand and I hope you do too.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Strange things are apaw... afoot hehe

Mom, Grandma and Grandpa spent a lot of time away from home today and all three came back with strange smells. Mom came home with her fingers covered in flecks of strange yet pretty colors.

And all three seemed very very physically tired.

We're not sure what is going on...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


At last, I have the tower to myself. And a post all to myself.

Here I am with Grandpa. I know that I don't look too happy, but seriously, I am. I love my grandpa a lot. I let him pick me up and pet me and give me love. And no, that is not my tail behind my head, it's part of a curtain that Grandma has hanging between the dining room and kitchen. There's a split there.

Mom's still thinking about repacking some boxes. I'm not sure she'll actually do it before the move though. We'll see.

purrs from Chani!

Friday, January 22, 2010

There's something going on...

9: Mom, why are you working from home today? This is not your usual routine.
Chani: This is my tower. Why can't 9 go to his tower? Sigh...

Marlene: I signed loan and title papers this morning for our new condo and so I'm working from home today. I wasn't sure how long it would take to get everything signed and such. And now, I have to get the down payment together, the insurance all set up, paint colors chosen...

But, don't worry little kitties, you shall be kept in fresh food and litter. I, on the other hand, may not eat or relax for awhile until I get a full grasp on my budget. At least, I might lose weight this way. Don't panic, don't panic, don't panic...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Solution to the freezing house

Mom is still in her pajamas. Please ignore them. But, she has a lovely warm lap...


Mom is working from home today. And she is being seriously remiss in not taking out the flashy box thing. The house is dark because Mom doesn't want to turn on lights. And water is falling from the sky.

Plus, it's cold in here. Mom's doesn't want to turn on the heater.

Would someone please talk some sense into Mom! We are FREEZING!!! The only way to stay warm is to do some serious THoE but that entertains for only so long...


Monday, January 18, 2010

When Mom and Grandma and Grandpa are away...

Grandma and Grandpa just left for Las Vegas this morning. Mom is at work. Hmmmm... Wonder what kind of mischief 9 and I will get into in the next few days...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I am very thankful that Mom is slightly feeling better. She's only coughing a lot now versus feeling blechy and blowing her nose all the time, though she is blowing her nose on occasion. Don't forget to take your meds, Mom. It's important for you to get better.

Mom is also mentioning something 2 weeks and one day before some kind of bird closes and how soon her life won't be packed away in boxes. I'm not sure what this means, but if Mom is happy about it, then I'll be thankful for that too.

However, I'm not sure about her life not being packed up in boxes. Does this mean that Chani and my favorite box jungle might go away? I hope not!

Thank you all for all your compliments on how well I keep Chani clean. She really does need the help!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cleaning Chani in the New Year

As you can see, 9 still takes his Chani cleaning duties very seriously. Chani was peacefully sleeping in the new best chair in the family room, Grandma's chair. 9 hopped up and started to clean her. She's mid-yawn here in this picture.

9: You have a little bit of something here on your face, I shall clean it for you.

9: Hold still now, Chani, I have to get this back part too.

Thank you for all your well wishes. I was getting a bit worse what with coughing and a stuffed up nose. So, I finally emailed my doctor who prescribed an anti-biotic for me. Sigh... I hate taking medication even when I know it's good for me. Here's to hoping that the meds work and I'll be back to my normal self soon.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mom is making excuses again...

Mom managed to catch Grandma and Grandpa's cold. Grandma caught it first and was getting better when Grandpa got sick. Now that Grandpa is getting better, Mom must have wanted to join in the family trend and get sick. So, she's working from home today.

She doesn't sound too bad, only coughing on occasions. 9 is draped on her lap and arms to keep her warm.

No pictures for now. She's really sorry for not taking more pictures of us, but will soon. She promises.


Sunday, January 3, 2010


Every year, Mom goes to two New Year's Day parties. The first is at Pam and John's where Mom used to dog and kitty sit. Back in the day, it used to be Conan, a giant but extremely gentle Siberian Husky, and Natasha, the epitome of tortie tortitude. Nine years ago, the scamp pictured above, Sonia, entered everyone's lives. Sonia is one of the few dogs that Mom will allow to lick her (Mom isn't too fond of doggie licks, but she loooooves hugging them). Sonia was a rescue puppy and a Siberian by the looks of it. She also has glaucoma which rendered her blind in one eye. Every night, she gets eye drops to keep the pressure down in the bad eye and then she gets treats.

Conan crossed the Rainbow Bridge a number of years ago, but Natasha is still around. Too many people were in the house, so Natasha hid and Mom couldn't take pictures of her. But, Sonia was around and posed prettily while Mom waved a bit of roast beef in the air. Yes, Mom gave Sonia the roast beef once the photo shoot was done.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Mom had every intention of taking photos of us and spending a ton of time with us over her break, but instead, she's been spending time at the wood kiln. She's had three six hour shifts at very odd times of the day (6 pm to midnight, 9 pm to 3 am and 3 am to 9 am). So, we've taken to sleeping with her whenever she naps. Next week, things will get back to "normal" whatever that means.

At any rate, we all wanted to wish you a Happy New Year (those are cupcakes she made for the firing, but she didn't think to take a picture until after the "R" cupcake was eaten).

We hope everyone had a wonderful New Year and we can't wait to experience new adventures in 2010! Something tells us that something interesting might happen at the end of this month.

Purrs and hugs,
9, Chani and Marlene