Monday, August 27, 2012

9 and Loki-cat

I spent Sunday finishing up a painting of Loki (the Marvel character) as a cat. It's been in progress for a month or so as I've had a lot to do in August. 9 was very helpful in giving me his opinion.

Once 9 declared that I was done, he then demanded that I feed him. After all, I should have been paying attention to him all Sunday instead of this faux kitty.

Here's a scan of the finished product. I'm rather fond of this one. Quite proud of it, in fact. I think I shall hang it up in my condo.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Chani takes re-furring my pajamas very seriously. In fact, long after they leave the wash, she will make sure they are properly furred while in their bins. (No, I do not have a set of drawers for my tshirts and pajamas).

Just love how her eyes are in this photo.

Sheamus Popoki always poses with a head tilt/angle. I think he knows which is his best side and does his best to show it off.

9... well, he's just handsome and soulful.

As for why it is a lazy Sunday, well, I really didn't do much in the way of work. I just painted and hung out with the kitties. It was quite lovely.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

New friends

Before Mom left on her trip, she met some new friends. Above is Buddy the corgi. As you might have heard, Mom simply loves corgis and this guy was totally sweet. A bit chubby, but his owners are working on that.

Mom also met sister Magic and Pearl. No, she cannot tell them apart. Their mommy can, but our Mom definitely cannot.

Not sure which sister this one is. They are pretty sweet too. One is more rambunctious than the other, but they did let Mom pick them up and cuddle with them, so they must not be too bad, right?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday Tidings in August

Hi everyone!!! It has been such a long time since we have posted (nudge nudge, Mom... people are here to see us, not your travels!!!)  We have all been very good and giving Mom lots of snuggles. Last night, we made sure to sleep with her. Chani curled up next to and on top of Mom's side. 9 slept at the foot of the bed at an angle. I, Sheamus Popoki, slept next to 9 also at an angle away from him. I'm sure Mom was comfortable sleeping diagonally across our bed. It's a good thing there are only four of us in the queen sized bed! And it's a good thing that we share with Mom, right?

Here is my brofur, 9, giving Mom the plaintive blue eyed love look. She swoons around him so much. Good thing it doesn't get to his head.

And here is my sisfur, Chani, giving Mom the slightly stink-eye, slightly come hither and worship me look. She's quite good at that.

We hope you are having a wonderful day.

Oh, and it's Tommy and #1's birthday today! Please wish them some happy tidings over at the Poupounette!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Marlene's latest travels - Smithsonian National Zoo

The Sunday after my cousin's wedding, my other cousins, friend and I went to the Smithsonian National Zoo. It's free and it's amazing. I haven't been there in over 30 years and the thrill of seeing all these animals is still there.

I remember seeing the pandas when I went before. Just loved them. When we went into the habitat, it was snack time.

The coloring of this guy's fur... beautiful in the sunlight.

This guy stuck his tongue out just as I was taking the photo. Talk about timing hehe.

Gotta love the expressions on Burrowing Owls.

It was a hot day. This meerkat knew how to lounge well.

Baby monkey!

Beautiful lizard... or was he a gecko... ugh, I don't remember!

It was quite hot. The big cats were all sleepy in the shade.

Such a handsome lion.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Marlene's latest travels - Baltimore, MD

Hello friends! Last week, I had the distinct pleasure of going to Balitmore, MD and meet up with dear Lisa of Hubble Space Paws.

Lisa, graciously, took me around to her favorite restaurants. Clementine was the first of number of stops. I enjoyed a delicious mushroom tart and a spiced melon soup. Delicious!

Now, being from the Bay Area, I have always enjoyed Dungeness Crab. It's my favorite. Well, now, I have a new favorite. Jimmies... Maryland blue crabs cooked with Old Bay Spice... wow... so very yummy!

Now, you are all here to see kitties, so let me show off my photos of 5 of the 7 feline inhabitants of Lisa's home. First off, here is Jerry.

He stays under one of the chairs. When the other kitties sleep, he comes out for a little bit. Jerry is a bit shy and a former feral. He's pretty big and reminds me of Q who came before.

Here's darling Sophie. She didn't come out for me. Apparently, I was a bit too much for her, so she stayed under one of the other chairs.

Here is Buddy. What a sweet boy! He's got some issues with his skin, but oh wow, what a darling. He investigated my backpack which is covered in 9, Chani and Sheamus Popoki's scents, I'm sure.

He then stood on the stairs so I could properly give him attention and pay my respects hehe

Here is Annie. She's sequestered in Lisa's bedroom because she has been a bit too adventurous of late. Running outside, getting into some tussles. Oh dear, Annie, inside is great!

"RAWR!" she says, "Let me out!!!" Oh, I'm sure Lisa will let you out again when you are all healed up.

And finally, my new best kitty friend in Maryland. Bitty. Bitty was a bit shy at first, but then after a while, she warmed up to me and let me love on her a lot!

And there she is above us all on the kitty walk way. I'm so envious of the kitty walk way! I'm sure my three would love one like that. Maybe one day!

I did catch a glimpse of Lucy, but she moved far too quickly for me to take a photo. AND, I did see dear Peggy Sue who let me pet her a lot. But, by that time, I had put my camera away.

Thank you so much to Lisa for making my trip to Baltimore so special! And thank you for sharing your darling kitty posse!