Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chan-Chan girl

Chan-chan girl, Chanikins, my little Princess, Sweetie Pie, Little Miss, My Delicate Little Girl. Chani-chan has a number of nicknames. She's my little doll.

Though, I have to admit, she seems to be getting a little chunky... It's not that she looks like she's fat or anything, she just feels a little bit more solid than delicate. Not that she's eating more either... It's magic. Maybe she's like her mom, wears her weight well

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Revisitng Little Man and his family

Mom had a pottery sale last weekend, but she still managed to wake up early on Sunday and visit Little Man and his family.

This is Ellie. She's a new addition and also quite the lap goat.

This is Jackson. He's about 2 and a half months old.

Remember Sweetie? Here she is. Yes, she's getting bigger. She's still not a responsible lady cat, but she will be soon.

Sweetie impressed Mom and her friends with her tree climbing and descending skills! There were a few tense moments, but Sweetie proved how graceful she is.

And here is Tiger. Mom apologizes for the over bright photos. The aperature on her camera was wide open, but Mom didn't have time to stop and close it up because Tiger came right for her.

He's a handsome boy!

Mom promises to post photos of us soon. Really!

Monday, September 27, 2010


Mom was very busy this weekend and wasn't able to get on the computer. Still, she heard about the loss suffered by her friends in France and had to add her condolences to the cat blogging world.

Darling Yuu-chan, one of the four beautiful Aby kitties in France, was helped across the Rainbow Bridge over the weekend. He wasn't doing too well healthwise the past few months, but he always seemed to take his illness in stride and it never stopped him loving his #1.

Mom was always impressed by Yuu-chan serene expression and smile whenever cuddling with #1. His eyes always conveyed a wisdom beyond his years.

Much love and sympathy and purrs to our friends in France.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday tiding

Down from my Tower
I look at Mom serenely
Happy I become.

Mom had a good time at the spa. But, we were so glad when she got home. 9 sat on her first and got comfy. Then, I decided to sleep on her too. 9 got soooo grumpy (this was a first). Mom had to pat him and say that there was more than enough of her for both of us. He settled down then.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Mom is sad...

We had a bit of an accident last night. Somehow, while Mom was in the shower, someone, and I'm not saying who, managed to knock off a shelf. Pictures flew, frames were broken, glass shattered and Mom's first and probably favorite finished sculpture was a casualty.

Surprisingly, the shelf only knocked over some of the pieces on the shelf directly under it and the jade phoenix that Grandpa and Grandma bought for her in China is still intact.

To Mom's credit, she did not get angry. She quickly shooed us away, picked up whatever glass she could see and vaccuumed up around the area. She was more worried about us cutting ourselves on the shards than she was upset about the sculpture.

Of course, now that she's had time to dwell on it, she's sad...

Here's what the Tree Woman looked like before she was trimmed. Yes, Mom can still joke about it. She says she wasn't too attached to it, but we know better.

Now, she's a little worried that she did not manage to get all the glass. And she's trying to figure out how one of us got up to the shelf because we never managed to do that before (might have been a speaker she put up by the TV that made it easy to jump up there, but we're not saying. She moved the speaker last night hoping we don't try going up there again...)

Anyhow, Mom and her two friends, Emma and Michelle, will be going to a spa this weekend and Grandpa and Grandma will be visiting us. See you when she gets back!

Oh, as to who is responsible... Well, Mom has an idea, but no evidence. She still hugged the suspect before she left for work though.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How much is that kitty in the grocery bag?

Mooom! You're not serious about selling me are you?

No, darling, I am not serious. Though, you have been rather naughty lately. You damaged a greenware unfired bowl I was carving as a present.

But, but (lip quivering for full effect), don't you love me more than a silly ole bowl you're carving as a wedding present?

Yes, my love, I do love you more than a bowl. But, you really must stop getting on the dining table!

It's so much fun up there though!


Ok, Mom, I'll try. But you can help by not putting so many cool things on the table or the counter top above it and stuff. Chani goes up there too, you know! But you never catch her (pout pout)


Monday, September 6, 2010

Sir Stringbean

Hello! This is Sir Stringbean. He is an adorable chihuahua friend of one of Mom's friends.

Mom thinks that he has an incredibly tiny head compared to his body and his ears. We think he's cute for a canine.

Before meeting Sir Stringbean, Mom and Sir Stringbean's mom went driving up the coast from Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay. On the way, they stopped a Pigeon Point Lighthouse. It was quite nice for them to stretch their legs and smell the sweet ocean air.

The fog was not exactly rolling in, but it did provide some ambience to the scene. Mom thought the fishing boat anchored right off the shore looked quite ghostly. Fired up her imagination and all that.

After this lovely drive and meet with Sir Stringbean, Mom came home and took a nice nap with us. It was wonderful.

Hope our Stateside friends had a lovely and restful Labor Day weekend!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Mom was so busy this past week, she tired us out! She says she has photos to upload to the computer still and hopefully will do so soon. We'll put the Bitey on her if she doesn't do that.

Til then, please enjoy this snuggly picture of us!