Saturday, April 20, 2013

9 and Chani at the V-E-T

Today, Mom took 9 and me to visit Dr. S. She tried to trick us by putting out the carriers two days ahead of time. Can you imagine?

Ugh. At any rate, we both checked out just fine. 9 was super wiggly when he got his temperature taken. I was a good girl and sat very still. We were good about getting our rabies shot. AND I was good when I got me right ear cleaned. Also, Dr. S found a little notch on my tongue. Apparently, I had some sort of wound there, but neither Mom nor Dr. S had ever noticed it before. Mom feels a bit guilty that she didn't notice it when it happened. But, Dr. S said that it has healed just fine and not to worry.

Now, you know how Mom calls me "Princess Chunky Pants"? Not a nice name, but well, Mom thinks it is appropriate. At any rate, I will have everyone know that despite the fact I feel super solid and chunky, I weigh the same amount as 9. AND Dr. S said that 9 has a bit of fat around HIS belly. So, HA! I'm just perfect the way I am.

After our visit, Mom gave us all treats. Mom then bought some boxes to hold her printed cards at next week's sale. We all checked out the boxes, but 9 sat in one the longest. Long enough to get his photo taken.

I've forgiven Mom. I even sat on her lap and cuddled with her.

So, Mom is very glad that we are healthy and we are happy to be home. I even got brushed. Uh-oh, now we need to get our claws clipped. Hmm... maybe tomorrow.


  1. I am glad your vet visit was uneventful and only mildly traumatic!