Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Toesday and more

Since we've moved back to my parents' house, there's been a little bit of an adjustment to where everything goes. When I moved out, my old bedroom became my mom's computer room and my closet became my dad's. I'm not complaining at all (except for the fact that it's taking forever for my condo purchase to go through. Darn short sales!). At any rate, my computer set up is now in the dining room. Being Japanese, my mom wanted a Japanese style dining room, so the table is low to the ground, and guests sit on the floor (we do have these sort of chairs with backs so it's not completely traditional). One day, when I clean up the area a bit, I'll take a photo to show you.

At any rate, 9 decided to show off his toesies and sleep in my lap. His head is under the table cloth and I'm sitting cross legged... that's why I gave the explanation above. I love his little toesies!

This past weekend, a few friends and I went to the Renaissance Faire. It's a fun place for people to dress up in costume (mostly not historically accurate), eat a lot of food, speak with really bad English accents (my apologies), drink cider or mead or beer, and watch the acts. One act was a joust (TO THE DEATH!... well, the knights fell down and were apparently sliced open by their opponent's swords and then carried off the field by their squires). After the act, the knights ride their horses to the fences so that the public can ask questions or mainly, pet the horses. They have such velvety smooth noses! I took photos of the horses' eyes because the fencing prevented full on head shots.

This was my favorite photo. You can almost see my reflection there.

This guy did not want to stand still or get a photo of his right eye taken. So, I had to settle for this between the fence shot.

And now, I leave you with Chani. It's been getting colder, so I think I'm going to have to find her a blanket to transform her tower into a new fort. Hooray! This means I get to go to the fabric store and look for some polar fleece for her.


  1. Great pictures all! By the way, did you know that our own Percheron horses were the original steeds ridden by knights?

    PS: We hope the condo purchase goes through soon!

  2. Wow, I didn't know about the Percherons. Cool :D Looks like the condo purchase might go through in December. Sigh... well, at least it's good bonding time between my parents and their grandcats!

  3. Brilliant pictures.. Love the last one best.. Hugs GJ xx

  4. Just a quick fly by tonight... miss you guys, will catch up as soon as things slow down at work! Happy 100th post!! Hugs to 9 and Chani!

  5. That is interesting about the table! Beautifyl babies!

  6. Have fun with the tower making...Albert, Elvis and I are thinking of doing the same...:)