Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stay tuned...

So, I've demonstrated my ability (or lack of ability) to knit. Now, I'm trying my hand and something crafty with fabric. It's not bad, but really, I should probably stick to photography and pottery...

I did dig out an old throw blanket that became Chani's fort ceiling at the top of the tan tower. She doesn't seem to care if it's more cushioning or a roof, but...

Some of you may remember the hideous Flaming Blanket of Doom. Since we've moved to my parents', Chani has been without her favorite blanket. So far, it's been fairly warm in the Bay Area, so a new blanket was not needed. However, in the past week, the weather has turned surprisingly cold (no Indian summer for us it seems). Therefore, I decided that Chani needed a new blanket.

I went to one fabric store last night, but didn't like any of the patterns. This led to a search online which led me to a second store... I managed to buy 3 swatches of polar fleece (2 pink and 1 aqua) at that store, and had to return to the original store to find the 4th that would match the aqua. The blanket had to be double sided after all and since one was pink, I thought it best to get a less girly color for me... er... 9.  Yeah! 9 needs a blanket too, right?

Sigh... the only question I have for you all is this: does an 8-9 lb cat really need a blanket that is 2.25 yards long?

Well, Chani now has a brand new Pink Blanket of Doom! And hopefully, Chani will deign to rest on it. She certainly had fun zipping around on it as I spread it out to tie off the ends.

Tomorrow, I shall post photos of the pre-tie off fabric as well as Chani rolling around on it. I might also show off pics of 9's aqua blanket... pre-tie off.


  1. HEYYY!!! I loved the flaming blanket of DOOM!!!LOL. Can't wait to see the kits in their fort!!

  2. Mmmh, our mom is pretty useless at sewing and stuff, so she asks if the two parts are only joint by the knots or if they are sown together.