Monday, October 19, 2009

Manly Mancat Monday

9: Good Morning! Do I not look very manly in this picture?

I love to sprawl out on the back of Grandpa's chair. It's so comfy. And when Mom sits in the chair I can look over her shoulder and see what she is doing.

Mom is thinking about making the above picture a giant poster that she can hang up one day. What do you think?

Happy Monday all.

And hooray for Mom! She finally got the timing right and posted these shots on Manly Monday!


  1. Those are very good photos. It would make a great poster!

  2. You're looking very manly, 9!!!! And yes, a giant poster of that shot would be great!

  3. Fantastic shots! Yes, the second one would make a wonderful poster of 9. It's so clear and detailed. Very mancatly, too!