Thursday, October 22, 2009

Off to LA I go

Well, I'm off to LA tomorrow morning with my parents for a family function. So, my darlings are staying at a lovely little place called The Kitty Hotel. The owner, Tammy, is a godsend for people who have to leave their pets somewhere aside from home while they travel. She really loves cats and as a wonderful plus, was adored by Q and she herself adored him. My parents took them to the hotel while I was at work.

Apparently, 9 made a few little mews as they drove over there while Chani complained loudly. At the hotel itself, Grandpa had a hard time getting both kitties out of their carriers, but succeeded. 9 hissed once he got into the cage and hissed again when Chani was placed in there. Chani retreated toward the back by the litter box.

I feel bad that I have to leave them behind, but it's only until Monday morning. Sigh... I miss them already.

Here are a few pics to tide you over...

And me as well.

See you on Monday!


  1. Wish you have a nice trip and enjoy yourself with the family gathering :)

    * the cats will miss you so much... i can see from their face :-S

  2. You will be worse for ware than they will.

  3. Wonderful pictures. We are sorry we were a bit absent the last days and missed some impawtant events. Blame it all on mom!
    The kitty hotel sounds wonderful, what a good thing to have a person of great trust care for your two gems.