Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rainy days and Tuesdays...

It's a rainy day in San Jose. The first of many to come, no doubt...

While it pours on my car, cleaning the dust and the dirt,

I look through my windshield and wish I didn't have to go out.

While the cats are inside playing,
Taking a few breaks for some self-cleaning...

A sweet dog with a collar but no tags has lost her home.

I couldn't leave her in the wet and the cold.
So, to the Animal Care Center I took her, and now I pray that her owners will find her...
Or perhaps someone new who can love her as she deserves.

Bit of a wreck after leaving that sweet dog at the Center. I know it was the best thing to do for her as I really couldn't bring her into the house nor take care of her as she needs. 9 and Chani were freaked out enough just seeing her nose. And she was limping and not really putting any weight on one of her back legs, not that that stopped her from running around as much as she did. Still, it worries me and the rain doesn't help.

At any rate, here is a photo to leave you with something a bit more uplifting.

My two babies really can't share my lap anymore.


  1. Poor sweet dog. She was lucky you found her, and we will keep all paws crossed that she either gets home or finds a new home soon!

    Cold rainy mornings is wen #1 is happiest to work at home! And by the way, she is so pleased t hear that there are other Chi's Sweet Home fans out there!

    Your babies are growing!!!

  2. Poor puppy. I am sure the owners will be looking like mad for her. I know I would. I am sure when her mommy and daddy do find her they will be most grateful that you save her from a miserable day in the rain and cold.

    Cori, Albert and Elvis

  3. You did the right thing. She did not have tags but she may be chipped. It is hard to take any animal to a center, but that is the first place some people start looking.

  4. Oh my, what was the woofie doing all on his own outside in the rain? We hope noone threw him out. It was a good decision to take him off the street, he/she could have get hurt there!
    The lap picture says all. Hehehe.

  5. You did the best thing that you could with the doggy. I know when we lost Ace, the first place I called was the shelters in the area.
    Our cats had a great time with the rain and no power for a few days, and by great time, it was cat panic x3 at our house. Only x3 cause Gary mostly slept rather than panic. lol