Thursday, October 1, 2009

9 is always so serious!

My darling 9 always looks so serious. With Chani, I can generally tell when she's happy or content by her face. With 9, I have to check on his purrs and his upraised happy tail. I know he's happy, he just likes to complain. For example, the other day, he was sleeping atop Chani's tower and I decided that I simply must pet him. I went to pet him and he made this "Mrrr!" of annoyance. Honestly!

It has suddenly become cold in San Jose (ok, cold for me). So, I added an extra comforter to my bed and was very warm. Chani decided that she wanted to sleep in her usual place, so I had to take my left arm from under the comforter and put it around her. This morning, I woke up to Chani on my left and 9 stretched out on my right AND my right arm and leg were not exactly covered by the 2nd comforter. In fact, my right arm was completely uncovered. And because of 9's position and Chani's weight, I couldn't get the comforter pulled over enough. Thank goodness I have two heaters lying next to me to keep me warm.


  1. Thank goodness for kitties -- especially when it's turns cold! What lovely little heaters you have, too, Marlene! Better than blankets any day.

    I agree with you that 9 does seem to have a serious look on his face. Some say the same about Dante and I think it has to do with the pattern in their fur, which is something they can't really change.

    Some kitties, on the other paw, always look happy no matter what!

    Don't forget to use the Autolinks on the CB, Marlene, if you're not getting enough visitors!

  2. Haha! It's gotten cold here in Michigan so at night I want to crawl up close to my mom and sleep under the covers. It's what we cats do!!