Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hello All, Chani here. So, Mom has been saying that she has finally figured out what 9 and I had been plotting in revenge for dressing us up. As if we would ever consider taking revenge on her!!! It was more putting the idea in her head and watching her trying to figure out what we were going to do. Honestly, humans beans trying to decipher cat logic, it's so amusing when beans try that.

Aren't I so pretty by the lamplight?

At any rate, Mom has been saying that we have been trying to push her off of our bed because she's been waking up in the morning, lying on her side on the outer fourth of the bed with very few covers. This is so far from the truth!

I think she's posted this picture before, but it's worth posting again!

When we were living in the apartment, we had a full size bed, so there was a lot of space for us and we didn't have to worry about Mom falling out of bed. But now, at Grandma and Grandpa's, we sleep on a twin size bed. It's small, but it means we get to snuggle tighter together. Still, we worry about Mom's safety. You know how clutzy humans are! Every night, I snuggle into Mom's arms and use her shoulder as a pillow. 9 snuggles between her legs. We make sure that she cannot move at all, but somehow, she does move! I'm not sure how she does it, but she wiggles out of our protective pinning and turns over. If only she wouldn't do that, she'd be perfectly warm and safe in our snuggles.

Sigh... humans...

Oh and to get a little bit of a head start, here's a Frootbat offering of me. Happy Frootbat Friday and Happy Halloween everyone. I'll try to make Mom post more this weekend!


  1. Fabulous pictures! Chani, you have eartips!!!

  2. Gorgeous Frootbat, Chani! And you should both be commended for your great efforts in keeping your mom on the bed despite the cramped conditions!

  3. I just love love love it when kitties snuggle together. *sigh*

  4. Mom wishes we would snuggle close like that! She says she slept better when she had a kitty close! We like your pictures. Have a save halloween

  5. It's hard to adjust to a smaller bed. Happy Halloween!