Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chani in a Kimono

Today was the Crafty Foxes Boutique. It's a Japanese-American craft festival where you can buy all sorts of goodies. One item was a kimono for the American Girls doll series. Of course, I thought of Chani instantly.

A full on back view
Chani: Bit freaked out here wearing this thing... every little noise causes me to jump and run away!

Chani: I'm a little calmer here. Not happy wearing bean clothing, but I'm impressing Mom with how well I can run in it.
Chani: and I'm not like 9. I don't try to bite it off to get rid of it.

Chani: Mom, if you are quite done with the flashy box thing, could you please take this off of me and give me treats!

My beloved Mac is somewhat resurrected in the form of an external hard drive plugged into my laptop. Apparently, there's an issue with the power supply. This particular model had recalls on it back in the day, but I missed it. AND the best part is that the power supply is no longer available from Apple. If Apple tries to order it, it may take up to 3 weeks and cost about $500...

My monitor is fixed, thank goodness, so I can hook up my laptop to my monitor and the mouse and keyboard and work off of the external hard drive. Depending on how it all pans out, I'll make my decision on fixing the tower and ordering that power supply...