Sunday, October 25, 2009


This past weekend, I was in Manhattan Beach going to a cousin's Bar Mitzvah (we're related by marriage). For his project, he decided to work on the tenet of kindness and wanted to focus on animals (Yes, he's a boy after my own heart.) He was sort of denied the opportunity to volunteer at local animal shelters because they have an age requirement of 16... Being only 13, he had to find another place.

So, he found Linda Baley of Too Many Rabbits. Linda lives in Redondo Beach and does her best to help educate the public about bunnies as well as rescue abandoned bunnies. My cousin helped her out by cleaning the cages (yay for rabbit poop!) and such. He plans to continue to help Linda out and hopes to convince his parents that he is responsible enough to help foster a few bunnies himself. 

For more information about Linda, please check out her other website:

I thought I'd try to spread the word out amongst us all since I know how much we all love animals (feline, canine, lapine, bovine, equine... to name just a few).

Hope you all have had a great weekend. I don't get to see my beloved kitties until tomorrow. I miss them so much!!! Here's to hoping that they haven't planned more 'revenge' against me while visiting the Kitty Hotel.


  1. that was a very good project for the young man.

  2. THANK YOU for thinking and writing about me!

    Your cousin is indeed a blessing as are all the young people who come to help and learn. They are our only hope for a better future.

    None of us crazy rescuers plan on a career path that obliges us to pay money and clean up poop.... (YAY! Poop!!) Knock me over with a feather... it turns out to be a really great way to meet people and experience God's wonderful grace and sense of humor first hand. It is certainly never boring ~

    I encourage everyone who reads this to support animal rescue in your own communities. You will never cease to be surprised and you will never regret it.

    Now.... Go hug your closest friend, animal or person - and tell 'em it's from me!

  3. What a wonderful young man your cousin-in-law is! We should have more people like him in the world.

    I'm sure your kitties miss you as much as you miss them. You will be reunited shortly, if not already, by now!

  4. Oh, we would want to smooch all over the face of this dear 13 year old human. What a wonderful idea he had and it sounds like just the right experience to proceed on the right path in life. Many purrs his way and to Linda too!
    Siena & Chilli

    Mom here: I'm very excited about the line drawing and can't wait! Siena doesn't suspect a thing.