Friday, October 9, 2009

Blankies of Doooooom!

Here's Chani in her new 'fort'. It's not really much of a fort as she just sort of lets the blanket be there. It's not a roof as much as a cushion.

Isn't she cute??? She was having a bit of a playful spazzy attack when I took these shots.

Here's the pink blankie goodness right before I started cutting it up. There are two parts, the dark pink and then the moon and star patterned piece. Yes, it's a lot of pink, but Chani is my girly girl even though she's not always ladylike.

Here she is as I'm trying to measure out the corners. She divebombed the fabric quite a few times as I was tying off the ends.

Now, I bought a longer length of fabric with these aqua butterflies. I thought I would make a blanket for myself. Somehow, it now is in my head that it should be 9's blanket even though he's not much for snuggling under blankets as Chani.

And of course, if all Towers must be 9's Towers, then all Blankies must be Chani's Blankies.

And there you have it... two new Blankies of Doom!

Hopefully as the weather gets colder, I'll have blankie snuggling picture opportunities. Keep your fingers crossed!


  1. Of course, it is fitting that ( should have his blankie too! And we are sure that the cooler weather will be conducive to burrowing!

  2. I love the blankets but just have to say that somehow i missed the post with all of the costumes and WOW... I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. 2 cute 4 words. LOL

  3. Great blankies, they looks marvellous for Winter!