Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chan-Chan girl

Chan-chan girl, Chanikins, my little Princess, Sweetie Pie, Little Miss, My Delicate Little Girl. Chani-chan has a number of nicknames. She's my little doll.

Though, I have to admit, she seems to be getting a little chunky... It's not that she looks like she's fat or anything, she just feels a little bit more solid than delicate. Not that she's eating more either... It's magic. Maybe she's like her mom, wears her weight well


  1. That just means more of her to love!

  2. Agreed - more to snuggle is not a bad thing :)

    She's a cutie :)

  3. Bitty, Aggie (now Kayla) and Peggy Sue have all "solidified" as they've gotten older. None is fat. It happens to us too, as we age... we're less "delicate" in our 20s than in our teens and so on.

  4. Oh yes ~ nothing wrong with a gal being a little curvy! ;)

    xo Catherine