Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday tiding

Down from my Tower
I look at Mom serenely
Happy I become.

Mom had a good time at the spa. But, we were so glad when she got home. 9 sat on her first and got comfy. Then, I decided to sleep on her too. 9 got soooo grumpy (this was a first). Mom had to pat him and say that there was more than enough of her for both of us. He settled down then.



  1. Nothin' like a good family snuggle! Especially when you've been missing one another!

  2. Welcome home to Mom and peek-a-boo to Chani. Glad the spa weekend was nice!

  3. Spas are fun but I bet your Mom was super happy to get back to you two darlings :) Snuggles and cuddles are the best!