Monday, September 6, 2010

Sir Stringbean

Hello! This is Sir Stringbean. He is an adorable chihuahua friend of one of Mom's friends.

Mom thinks that he has an incredibly tiny head compared to his body and his ears. We think he's cute for a canine.

Before meeting Sir Stringbean, Mom and Sir Stringbean's mom went driving up the coast from Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay. On the way, they stopped a Pigeon Point Lighthouse. It was quite nice for them to stretch their legs and smell the sweet ocean air.

The fog was not exactly rolling in, but it did provide some ambience to the scene. Mom thought the fishing boat anchored right off the shore looked quite ghostly. Fired up her imagination and all that.

After this lovely drive and meet with Sir Stringbean, Mom came home and took a nice nap with us. It was wonderful.

Hope our Stateside friends had a lovely and restful Labor Day weekend!


  1. It looks like you had a great trip. Your pictures are interesting. What a lovely lighthouse!
    Mr Stringbean is surely a nice doggie! Love the name ;o)
    Happy Weekend!

  2. Hey, I was at that lighthouse a few weeks ago! Cool photos...and chihuahuas are just a riot!

  3. Trying again... darn blogspot! What a lovely outing and hugs to you, Nine and Chani!

  4. I'm back and still following you. As per my latest blog post, I'm letting everyone that's in my following list know I still have them. Love the lighthouse pic - looks soooo peaceful!