Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How much is that kitty in the grocery bag?

Mooom! You're not serious about selling me are you?

No, darling, I am not serious. Though, you have been rather naughty lately. You damaged a greenware unfired bowl I was carving as a present.

But, but (lip quivering for full effect), don't you love me more than a silly ole bowl you're carving as a wedding present?

Yes, my love, I do love you more than a bowl. But, you really must stop getting on the dining table!

It's so much fun up there though!


Ok, Mom, I'll try. But you can help by not putting so many cool things on the table or the counter top above it and stuff. Chani goes up there too, you know! But you never catch her (pout pout)



  1. Oh no! 9, there are some things humans do that cats will always find nonsensical. But trust me, as much as she loves you (more than a bowl), your mom does not want you up there. What if something heavy came clunking down on you?


  2. Sweet 9, we know how hard it is to not check out Mom's things!

  3. Well hon, if she ever gets serious, she can sell you to me! ;-)

  4. yo this tells me you really love cats. lol

  5. I can't wait to see these two lovlies in their kitty costumes. Funny how it's my favorite time of year and the boy's least favorite..guess they don't like to play dress up as much as I do!!! ;)

  6. Cori, I'm better at dressing them up than I am dressing myself up!