Monday, September 27, 2010


Mom was very busy this weekend and wasn't able to get on the computer. Still, she heard about the loss suffered by her friends in France and had to add her condolences to the cat blogging world.

Darling Yuu-chan, one of the four beautiful Aby kitties in France, was helped across the Rainbow Bridge over the weekend. He wasn't doing too well healthwise the past few months, but he always seemed to take his illness in stride and it never stopped him loving his #1.

Mom was always impressed by Yuu-chan serene expression and smile whenever cuddling with #1. His eyes always conveyed a wisdom beyond his years.

Much love and sympathy and purrs to our friends in France.


  1. It's too sad, he was a lovely boy. We will miss him greatly but will also cherish our fond memories of him.

  2. This is so sad. We´ll go to leave a comforting coment!