Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Revisitng Little Man and his family

Mom had a pottery sale last weekend, but she still managed to wake up early on Sunday and visit Little Man and his family.

This is Ellie. She's a new addition and also quite the lap goat.

This is Jackson. He's about 2 and a half months old.

Remember Sweetie? Here she is. Yes, she's getting bigger. She's still not a responsible lady cat, but she will be soon.

Sweetie impressed Mom and her friends with her tree climbing and descending skills! There were a few tense moments, but Sweetie proved how graceful she is.

And here is Tiger. Mom apologizes for the over bright photos. The aperature on her camera was wide open, but Mom didn't have time to stop and close it up because Tiger came right for her.

He's a handsome boy!

Mom promises to post photos of us soon. Really!


  1. Good to see LM & familia again!! Got to take those shots when the opportunity presents itself!

  2. Tiger is a handsome fella!! Also, where can I pick up a mini goat? I think Albert and Elvis need a brother..

  3. Hehehe... if you're serious, I can get the info for the breeder!

  4. I think Little Man might very well be getting bigger!

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