Friday, September 17, 2010

Mom is sad...

We had a bit of an accident last night. Somehow, while Mom was in the shower, someone, and I'm not saying who, managed to knock off a shelf. Pictures flew, frames were broken, glass shattered and Mom's first and probably favorite finished sculpture was a casualty.

Surprisingly, the shelf only knocked over some of the pieces on the shelf directly under it and the jade phoenix that Grandpa and Grandma bought for her in China is still intact.

To Mom's credit, she did not get angry. She quickly shooed us away, picked up whatever glass she could see and vaccuumed up around the area. She was more worried about us cutting ourselves on the shards than she was upset about the sculpture.

Of course, now that she's had time to dwell on it, she's sad...

Here's what the Tree Woman looked like before she was trimmed. Yes, Mom can still joke about it. She says she wasn't too attached to it, but we know better.

Now, she's a little worried that she did not manage to get all the glass. And she's trying to figure out how one of us got up to the shelf because we never managed to do that before (might have been a speaker she put up by the TV that made it easy to jump up there, but we're not saying. She moved the speaker last night hoping we don't try going up there again...)

Anyhow, Mom and her two friends, Emma and Michelle, will be going to a spa this weekend and Grandpa and Grandma will be visiting us. See you when she gets back!

Oh, as to who is responsible... Well, Mom has an idea, but no evidence. She still hugged the suspect before she left for work though.



  1. Oh oh ~ looks like there was some naughtiness here ~ but it's hard to get mad at such sweet little faces!

    Hope your mom has a good time at the spa!
    xo Catherine

  2. Noooooo!!! Not the tree woman! I love the tree woman! Hope the spa trip was good and put this tragedy behind you (we know you are crying behind those jokes). And you, you little perpetrator... you sure are lucky mom is such a nice lady!

  3. That is too bad, but your Mom is smart to know that you two are more important!

  4. Sorry about the accident. Things like these happen around here too and most of the time little Chilli is the culprit. It's a shame that special statue got deaded!

  5. We can understand that your Mom is sad, and also that she is worried about little shards of glass floating around because, after all, your little paws are the most important thing to protect.

    We hope she has a wonderful time at the Spa.

  6. Oh no, poor Tree Woman...she was quite a beauty...glad that nobody got hurt at least, well, other than poor Tree our house, Hurricane Bailey Bear does things like this all the time...oh well, we still love our crazy kitties :)