Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday Tidings

Does anyone see a problem in the above picture? Especially since it was around midnight? Yes, my darling, Chani, is thinking that our bed is actually HER bed...

No, not really. She was sleeping next to me and I got up to do something. She then decided it was the perfect time to stretch out and clean herself.

Unfortunately, Chani has fleas right now. The Frontline Plus only worked for about 2 weeks. She was fine when she visited my parents, but I think that we have fleas in the apartment. So, my poor girl has fleas. I combed her last night and was able to kill about 6 fleas. I know there is at least one more that I just could not catch. Chris has said that he will flea dip them this weekend. (I'm going to Los Angeles again.)

And I couldn't go three postings without putting a 9 solo picture up. Isn't he cute in this box? Yes, my boy really loves to play in boxes.

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope to have some interesting news by the end of the week.  Hehe, how's that for whetting one's appetite?


  1. She looks so pretty, all slung out, as we say at our house? They are so good at slinging out those legs so that they are too adorable and comfortable-looking to be moved.
    Oh - and, yes; your boy does indeed look cute in his pretzel fort.

  2. Poor kitty. I hope the flea dip works.