Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Greetings from Hawaii

Hi All,

Well, I have limited Internet access while I'm here in Hawaii, but I found I just couldn't stay away. Yes, I'm that addicted! I've missed seeing everyone's postings and just had to log on and visit you all. Plus, this is one way that I can look at my darling 9 and sweetie pie Chani. I miss them so much despite the love I have for Hawaii and how much I love being here. (I think they might be missing me too (or are very put out at my going on vacation), as they are leaving "presents" outside of their litter box which Chris has had to clean up... Eeek!  I owe him for this.)

So, here's a little picture that I took with my camera phone.

Yes, this is an avocado from my mom's house's garden. This is also the reason why I have a warped sense about what avocados should look like and what size they should be.

And... this is a small one. I remember my mom taking photos of avocados from this tree that were about 12-14 inches long.  Craziness.

More pictures when I get back (I get home on Friday, and will be trying to adjust to jetlag over the weekend. I hope to post more pictures then!)

See you all soon!


  1. Poor Chris. "Presents" like the are no fun. Glad you are having such a good time in Hawaii. I think I speak for a majority of your readers when I say, "so jealous." Can't wait for more pics.

  2. Yep. Mom is jealous too. That advocado is massive! The other day mom got one and Siena walked up to her and sniffed it. She then proceeded to lick away one little coffee spoon of the advocado's flesh. After (!) that mom looked up on the internet and found out that advocados are POISONOUS to cats. Wow, she was monitoring Siena ever so closely for some hours... What we don't really understand know is that some cat foods contain advocado...
    Enjoy your time in Hawaii!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  3. Wow! Siena, I'm surprised about avocado being poisonous to cats when both 9 and Chani were raised on Avoderm which contains avocado. Oh dear, it's their favorite too. I shall have to keep an eye out on this.

    This is what the company that makes Avoderm has to say. Thank goodness.

  4. Yep, jealous, but still hope you have a blast! Pictures... we need pictures in order to be properly envious!! ;-)