Thursday, July 9, 2009

Chani on a Thursday

Yes, Chani is shocked that I'm going to reveal her deepest, darkest secret here...
Chani loves Chris' stinky worn shirts (his dirty laundry pile is just heaven for this little lady).
Ok, here's the scoop. A few weeks ago, my beloved kittens started having fleas. I put Frontline on them and I sprayed the tower with anti-flea spray. Since the tower was the only 'new' piece of furniture and since Q didn't have fleas, it seemed logical that this was the source. At any rate, after I sprayed the tower, Chani didn't have much interest in her formerly favorite locale. So, in order to entice her back to this spot as well as knowing how much she loves rolling around in his dirty laundry when he leaves it on the floor of his room, Chris draped his dirty clothes on said tower. Needless to say, Chani is back to lounging on her favorite perch.


  1. yeah, my creatures (particularly max-cat, not so much p-cat.) love my stinky clothes too. obviously it's b/c they have my scent on them - and for that reason i find it endearing, but i alo find it rather weird too.

  2. One of my girls LOVES the stink of my husband's sweaty running clothes. The stinkier, the better. So gross. But she thinks he stinks so good!!!

  3. LOL! I once had a male cat, Gomez, who loved the dirty clothes hamper. So I let him hang out in it. One day, when guests were over, he was extremely playfull. Next thing I know, he's tearing through the living room with my panties in his mouth, flapping like a triangular flag as he raced around. Total mortification at the time... kinda funny now!