Thursday, July 23, 2009

Friends from Down Under

As I mentioned before, I attended a wedding this past weekend and took photos. Today, the newlywed couple came to visit me and to meet 9 and Chani. Above you see, Ellen. And below, you see Greg.
Greg and Ellen are from the Bay Area, but now live in Sydney Australia. They have a pair of their own kitties, but love to meet new kitties anytime. Ellen and Q were not always on the best of terms, but towards then end, when Q got mellow, he and Ellen bonded over kitty treats and drinking water out of the bathroom faucet (Ellen would cup her hands together to catch the water and then present it to Q. He would then graciously drink out of her hands). 

At any rate, 9 had a blast with Ellen and Greg, playing with the remains of Evil Feather Toy II. Ellen complimented him on his stunning looks, calling him handsome.  She also thought Chani was very cute.

Ok, this is my last posting for now. I might post while in Hawaii, but we'll have to see how my internet connection is there. If not, I'm going to try to enjoy myself as much as possible and maybe try to stay away from the online world.

Aloha everyone!


  1. Your kitty looks like he makes a great neck warmer!

  2. Have a wonderful time!!!! Take lots of pics and let us live vicariously through you!! ;-) Your darlings will miss you but just think of the wonderful reunion!

    Congrats to Ellen & Greg, too!

  3. those visitors seem to be very nice. Cat people are always nice. Enjoy your trip to Hawaii, it will be so wonderful!