Tuesday, July 21, 2009

9 and Chani at home

After a rather eventful weekend of a wedding reception in Los Angeles on Saturday and a wedding in the Bay Area on Sunday, I'm finally back home. However, I am getting ready for yet another trip starting Friday. Going to Hawaii to visit some family, celebrate a cousin's daughter's first birthday and general shenanginery... if that is even a word. I'll be back a week from Friday.

9 and Chani still have fleas. They've had a second bath and a second dosing of Frontline (the first dose was about 3 weeks ago. I know that it's supposed to be once a month, but I was assured that 3 weeks is ok too). I was able to comb out a few fleas off of both of them today. When I get back, I think that I will take them to Dr. S's and have them both flea dipped. Simultaneously, we will flea bomb the apartment. Ugh, I hate fleas.

I hope you are all having a great Tuesday! Oh, and I will definitely post more. That picture of the dead fleas on the toilet seat really creeps me out.


  1. Oh Nooooo!!Poor kitties and poor you. I will say, however, that I am totally and completely jealous of your Hawaiian shenaniganry(?). Have fun on your trip and good luck to your little kits. Great pics by the way!

  2. Maybe try something other than Frontline? We use Advantage.

    Sorry we haven't been commenting. Your site is one of those we can't get to come up with dial-up. Have a great trip!

  3. Have fun in Hawaii! Like Cori, I'm jealous! We're still fighting the fleas, too, over here in Mapleland. I'll comb and find only a little dirt, then see a flea in fur later. It may be bath time, soon!

  4. The Frontline seems to be working. Hooray! My darlings are now scratching off flea corpses and the remaining live fleas seem to be interested in biting me now. Ah well. At least, 9 and Chani will have a bit of relief!