Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Tidings

Technically, I should post these on Snuggle Saturday or Sunday. However, in keeping with my inability to keep track of days, I shall post these pictures today.

Late last night, 9 and Chani provided me a photo opportunity that I could not resist. First, I took pictures with my camera phone and sent it to friends. They accused me of photoshopping the pair. Honestly, no Photoshop was used in the pictures below.

Can I just say that my brain exploded with the cute presented here? 9 and Chani do get along very well, but last night was the first night where they snuggled like this AND I had the camera ready.  My heart also burst with sheer love last night.

Sigh... I love these two.


  1. Awww what a lovely pair of kitties!

    I love em too - They seem a right pair of cuddlers and purrers...

  2. Oh I just it when kitties snuggle and your two definitely have the perfect snuggly/cuddly pose :)

  3. Awwww!!! I do seem to recall that you were a bit worried about them getting along (with Chani being smaller) when you first got them. Look at them now! So sweet!

  4. Catching up on my blogs after last week. What a wonderful sight right before bed!! *happy sigh* So glad you had your cell handy!

  5. No wonder you love them so much. Who could resist the sweetness?