Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday with MikeyAwesome

So, some friends came to visit on Saturday. One was MikeyAwesome who doesn't quite approve of me dressing up any of my cats. At any rate, 9 made a new friend... or was it Mikey who made a new friend.

This is Evil Feather Toy I... Evil Feather Toy II has gone missing, I'm not quite sure where.

Surprise, Mikey!  9 will jump in your lap.

Being Japanese, I insist that people take their shoes off when they come into the apartment. Mikey complied and this was 9's inspection before Mikey left. Let's just say that 9 really, really looooooooved Mikey's shoes.

9:  sniff sniff, what is that divine scent?

9:  Oh so nice!

9:  hmmmm maybe the source is deeper in the shoe!

9:  This is almost better than catnip... if I ever have catnip, I'm sure it could not be as good as this!


  1. Really funny about the shoes! #1 keeps saying she wishes she could do the no shoes thing here but it's not really possible as downstairs is all terracotta tiles, and then there is Tommy.... At least he knows he's not allowed on our tiny tatami area!

  2. Oups, you like to smell shoes ? Did Mikey put catnip inside before he keep them off?
    Olli love to put his toy mousies in shoes.
    Luna, Luzie and Olli

  3. What is it about cats and stink??? Noodle loves to roll on my husband's sweaty, stinky running clothes. I think she must be saying, "He stinks so good!"

  4. Patti - Chris threw some dirty clothes on the floor and Chani was all over it. I think it's because she loves him and the dirty clothes has his scent all over it... But yeah, what is it with kitties and stink???

  5. I guess the lesson hear is that I should shower more. :) Or maybe Lil' Hitler was smelling Lucy (Dog at Rob's house)


  6. Yes, MikeyAwesome, please shower more... or at least wash your feet ;)