Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cute Chani

Ok, so last night, I had already packed up my camera and loaded up my car. (Yes, I drove down to LA). So, I didn't have my D300 to take photos of Chani sleeping on her back!  GAH! Talk about bad timing.

Well, I simply had to record the moment, so it was time for the less than ideal camera phone photo. Here you go, presented for your approval...

Chani's belleh!  Well, more like her chest, but there's some belleh there!

Yes, I snorgled that belly.  Oh, her fur looks 'wet' because 9 had to give her a cleaning once over before he started cleaning himself before he went to sleep.

And yes, it seems I'll be able to post some more to the blog. There are two dogs and a cat at my Uncle and Aunt's, so I'll try to post some photos of them. However, I will be a tad busy tomorrow. Maybe Saturday ;)


  1. I don't have real kids, but this reminds me of that thing that people do with real kids -- "So big!"