Thursday, June 25, 2009

Looking back on a Thursday

I thought it would be kind of fun to show some "old" pics of 9 and Chani from when I first brought them home. It's pretty amazing how tiny they were and how big they've become.

Sigh.. so cute. Although they're not full grown yet, it sometimes feels like they are.  Especially after I've let them out of my room for breakfast (yes, they wait patiently for me to open up the door) and they decide to have their post-breakfast crazies. They run all over the place, in which I am definitely part of the race track, a "speed bump" that does nothing to slow them down.


  1. Those are very cute pics and the two sound like they are so happy living with you!

    Your Friends,
    Tommy, Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan

  2. Oh they were so tiny...I remember the first couple of posts you had on them, they fit perfectly on your lap with room to spare :) It's been so much fun to watch them grow up :)

    Thanks for visiting my Flickr page :) Hope you and "the kids" have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Hyacinth, Chani tried to get comfortable in my lap and stretch out at the same time yesterday... she kept falling off! My legs just aren't long enough anymore. Sigh... where does the time go?

  4. Adorable, Marlene! Your description of being a speed bump that doesn't even slow them down was perfect! That's the way I feel with Aggie (I'm guessing she's close in age).

    And time does fly - I look at my Winnie and can still see her as a kitten cuddled under my chin. She's 15 now!