Wednesday, June 17, 2009

9 and Chani lounging

When Chani first came to live with me, she would go to the bottom shelf of the TV stand and just lay there.  So, Chris put the black blanket there for her to rest on.  She still does this now. You can kind of get a sense of her size.  Sigh... she's getting so big! And yet, she is still a delicate little Miss.

Now, keeping in with the idea:  Want to know the best seat in the house?  Look where the cat is sitting.  Somehow, both 9 and Q decided that the best place to lounge was my computer chair. I've accidentally sat on 9 because he's hopped up on my computer chair as I was sitting down.I can't tell you the dirty look he gave me when he got out of my way. Sigh again...

Oh, and you can see how big 9 is getting too. Chani has kind of caught up to 9 in terms of length, but not body weight... as far as I can tell.


  1. Oh yes! The computer chair! I just love it and sit on it as much as possible! And sometimes, I have to share it with #1 who ends up perching on the end. It's very funny!!!


  2. What magic potion do you rub on them to make them look so soft?

  3. Cori, I use this thing called a "Love Glove". Yes, many jokes have been made regarding that.

    There's a link discussing it. 9 does not like being 'brushed' with it, but Chani has discovered how nice it is. Gets quite a lot of fur off of them. And silly me, I'm saving the fur. We'll see what I do with it ;)

    Tama-chan, 9 thinks you are the smartest and wishes that I would learn how to share the chair as well