Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More "Look How They've Grown!"

Yes, it is time to revisit the old sweaters. Chani's is a very snug fit these days. It's a tight squeeze to get her front paws into the arm holes. However, once it's on, she's somewhat ok with wearing her fuzzy pink sweater.

She does like to chew on it though...

Apparently, I made 9's sweater very very big. It's still a loose fit on him, but he's filling it out pretty nicely. Unlike Chani who will actually run around a bit in her sweater before flopping over, 9 definitely does not want to wear his sweater.

This does not bode well for Halloween... 


  1. The Sweaters.lol/rofl/OMG. I have missed these guys!!

  2. Chani looks so gorgeous in that hot pink sweater...and yes, it doesn't seem like 9 is very interested in wearing his sweater...eating it however is a different matter :)

    I'm amazed that you can get your kitties to dress up...I would risk life and limb if I ever tried anything like that :)

  3. Me, too! (Risking life and limb!) So cute that you made the sweaters yourself! So, how long did they deign to keep them on, I wonder??

  4. I am a merciful cat costumer. Once I take the photos, I make sure to take off the costumes. With Q, I would immediately give him treats afterwards. I forgot to give them treats this time! However, I'll have to do so next time ;)