Tuesday, June 9, 2009

9 and Chani and their new friend, Mak

As I stated in the last post, Chris' brother, Mak, Chris' sister in law, Pam, and MikeyAwesome came for a visit. Chani decided that Mak was a good Chris-stand-in and sat on/next to him while we watched a movie.
Those are Pam's feet. Later in the evening, Chani switched positions and her whiskers ended up tickling Pam's feet.  I think Chani enjoyed being the center of attention here.
Mak was kind enough to give 9 attention too, which I don't think 9 minded at all.


  1. It looks like good times all around! There's nothing lie lots of extra attention!

    Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan

  2. They are the best "welcome wagon"!

  3. They still look so small. Do they like to be held? Sometimes I just walk around with Elvis draped over my shoulder like a little baby. Chani looks like she wouldn't mind! ;)

  4. Cori: 9 actually is better about being held than Chani. I 'forcibly' cuddle her often to get her used to me. I'm afraid that I just can't help but pick up kitties and cuddle them! 9 is great for cradling. Sometimes, he doesn't want me to cradle him, but I really don't give him a choice :P

  5. It's us again. #1 wanted us to say that, as far as she knows, flat screen monitors are a lot less harmful on the eyes (human or feline!) than the old CRTs because they don't flicker.

    Sei-Chan spends a great deal of time batting at the cursor too!