Tuesday, October 5, 2010

9 is upset

Dear Mom,

I know that you were quite put out at 6:30 am Sunday morning when I kept hopping from the headboard to the bookshelf and making a lot of noise. And to top it all off, I stepped on the remote and turned the bright ceiling light on. But...

Did you have to let those noisy, shrieking miniature humans into our home? Seriously, I had no place to go but up this tower and glare at them while they played with Chani's and my toys!

I am seriously upset by this.


My good friend brought over 3 of her children. The oldest was good and the one who wanted to see 9 and Chani the most. However, the younger two were just too excited to see two kitties. They have one at home but their kitty is about 15 years old and doesn't really want to play that much. Poor 9 just sat up the tower and hissed at one of the younger ones as she approached him. She was smart enough to turn around and leave him be. Chani looked on and dashed in and out of the living room.

And the worst part is that another little human will be visiting for the next two nights...


  1. Oh 9, I feel the same way...and I'm not even a cat. It's only a couple of days..maybe Mom will throw some cat treats your way to apologize for the inconvenience. LOL. Good Luck!

  2. We feel sorry for you! W have only one little human, but he has kitties at human and has learned to respect us.

  3. Eek, small children are always traumatic. Even I (a childless human) find them so.

    My parents' cat, Star, used to get picked up, snuggled, grabbed, and otherwise harassed by all of my little cousins. He let them do it, but wore the grumpiest of scowls looked at us as if to say, "You see? You see what I put up with? Honestly."

  4. Oh, poor guys!! Sophie can relate. She is having similar adjustment problems with her new beanbro... he's gentle as he can be (mom never has to remind him), but he's 2 and gets so excited to see her that he squeals every time he first sees her after a short absence. This, of course, terrifies her. *sigh* (Otherwise Sophie's doing great... loves Val and really loves her hubby).

  5. Aww, poor 9! It's not easy when you're such a kid-magnet, huh?

    You'd think this sort of thing would be limited to encounters with young children, but I swear I had to train Dieter too when we first started fostering. He did all sorts of things that made the kitties wary of him! But he's learned ... mostly.